DUI To-Do List

I found this outside the “studio” where I am shooting an ultra low-budget monster movie. It makes me wonder about our cast.

Canned Clams + Meth

I used to work at a coffee shop frequented by an inordinate amount of methamphetamine-addicts. A pair of such unsavory types one day came in with an opened can of (I kid you not) clams, and began offering them to the shop’s patrons. These guys even made a little sign reading “Free Try Me Fresh” … Continued

Latest Find

We just got back to Phoenix from a three week vacation to the east coast and found this note in our house left by some friend of the kid next door who was taking care of our dogs and plants. I particularly like the part about not having been up to anything, but, “I’M GETTING … Continued

Thoughts Control

We have a small office which is our boss’s office/relief desk/break area where we can use the computer on our breaks. I went to write myself a note on the post-it pad when I saw these 3 notes, shown in order. I recognize most everyone’s handwriting and I don’t have a clue who this belongs … Continued

The Committee

This was found midway down a cliff in a discarded binder containing scripts, syllabi, and notes and pamphlets for a number of different causes.