Maybe It Is

I work as a teacher in a middle school. As you may remember this age can bring hard social times. I feel I spend a majority of my time fighting fires of early teenage social injustice. When I found this, it gave me a little hope that my middle schoolers really do have hearts…

Almost Haiku

I found this in our school library in a pile of papers by the printer that nobody had claimed. It could be a haiku, but it has one extra syllable.

The Twins

I’m always coming across lost things where I work — including the sweatshirt I’m wearing right now. Well, I found that yesterday. Today’s find was from the floor outside my room. I call it, “The Twins”. I believe it’s from an instant camera.

New Childcare Technique

This sketch of an innovative new technique for quieting crying babies was found in a van after a day of summer camp in a North Shore suburb.

Bad Sister

A news flash blew into my front yard and it looks like Larissa is having a bad sister who fits a lot. Her name is Abby.


This is a different kind of found note that isn’t the typical stranger found note. My mom recently got into a “cooped in the house New England winter cleaning fit.” Cleaning out old college, elementary school, and Hebrew school books that none of us really need anymore she found a note proving what a “jerk” … Continued