(6) Baked Ruffles

Found tucked next to the plastic flap of a grocery store shopping cart. Such gratitude and joy!

Quick Stop

I found this on New Year’s Eve (on a quick run in to get something) at… Wal-Mart.

Nose Pills

Found this next to a gas pump a few days after Christmas. Did he lose the list before he finished his shopping? Did he remember those nose pills and the lip stuff? The note is written on a Post-It that says “Betapace AF” on it. That’s a drug to treat heart arrhythmias.

Could Ya Pick Up Some Ammo, Darlin?

A shopping list left behind in my basket last Saturday by some thoughtful citizen. Yep. They listed “bullets” on there– and even specified that said ammo be purchased at Wal-Mart. Yep. I live in the South. Sounds like good times were in store. Sippin’ on some refreshing tea with luxuriously brushed hair, firing off a … Continued

A Special Diet

Gearing up for a 24 hour f*ck-fest? How about a spell-check?