Talking Points

I found this at work in the hall on the way to the printer near a water cooler.

Get Warm Together

I found this in a used Charles Bukowski book that I purchased on eBay. i wonder what “free parking” REALLY means.

Can We Talk PLEASE

Found on the floor of an office block in Melbourne Central.

I’m Really Emotional

I teach at the high school and found this on one of the desks after class. I am happy to not know which of my students left this for me to find.

In Heat

I was walking by the bus stop curb by Tate Center at UGA.

You Bring the Paper Bag

This was stuck to the wall above one of the washing machines in the basement of a residence hall on campus.


I found this backstage in my school theatre before one of my performances one night. I bet they were amazing.

Dotted with Hearts

I found this note on the floor in New Bedford High School– I was walking to class, saw it folded up on the ground, and picked it up. The irony of the dotted-heart i’s and the depressed tone of the note make it very surreal to me.

Safe Sex

I found this one and I’m VERY pleased to make my first submission to FOUND!!