Stick It In The Boom Box

Hot Sex Tracks
1. Let’s Get Ready 2 Rumble
2. Get Ready 4 This
3. Whoop! There It Is
4. Strike It Up
5. Tootsie Roll
6. Pump It Up, Go ‘Head
7. Come Baby Come
8. It Takes Two
9. Gridiron Groove
10. Gonna Make You Sweat
11. Hip Hop Horray
12. Pump Up The Volume
13. The Power
14. Uh, Ungawaa!
15. Unbelievable
16. YMCA
17. Pump Up The Jam
18. Twilight Zone
19. The Old Ballgame
20. Rock and Roll Part 2

FOUND by Allie in Bellingham, WA
This was laying in the parking lot on Western’s campus. Not so sure about the temperature of this sex…