It’s Not on Any Calendar

This was found behind a cabinet while cleaning. Written by my grandmother? No idea when or what holiday had her confused.

Young Entrepreneur

This was found outside an Irish pub in downtown Boston while I was having a cigarette in the cold. (Damned law!) A “Toy Car Wash” … unique fundraiser, or the habit of early onset OCD? What say you?

This Conversation

This was found neatly tucked inside a scoring pad at the bowling alley. Have a nice life!

Hear This Now

I am so glad to have come across your magazine. I thought I was pretty alone in my fascination with the odd things one comes across when one takes the time to look. I have a number of things to share, including a wide assortment of public art. There are at least two people downtown … Continued


I found this in an alley near a middle school in April 2004. Do with it what you will.

He Is Killing Your Kids

This note was folded and stuck in the spaces of a wooden bench. It was fairly subtle– not everyone would notice it and investigate, but I feel that it was placed to be found.


This note was found in a cookbook purchased at an antique store in rural Wisconsin.