Grocery Propaganda

I was in Rainbow Foods and I found this sitting on top of one of those automated talking coupon machine things that starts talking at you once you walk in front of it. It truly is scary!

Minutare Horse Dogs?

This Post-it was found on my desk one morning when I came in to work, it wasn’t attached to anything so I can only assume I am supposed to pull out my crystal ball and divine who has such large dogs.

Save Me!

My first find, discovered in the University of Houston-Clear Lake parking lot. Looks like it’s been run over a few times, but you can still make out a terrified look on the kid’s face.

Reasonable Fear

I found this in a bush on my college campus. The back of the card has Greek letters and the name “Jen”, so I suppose it was part of a sorority pledge game. Or maybe Jen just really needed to get something off her chest.

I Am The Victim

I found this note a couple of years ago in a waiting room at the end of the day, when I was working in a project giving advice to young homeless people. None of my co-workers recognized or could work out whose it was.