To The Thief Who Stole My Leather Pants

Imagine my glee after stumbling across this impassioned plea while on a stroll through Echo Park. Without a doubt, my best find thus far.

Final Exit

This letter was found inside the cover of “Final Exit,” the how-to suicide book, in a bookstore in the Czech Republic. It’s from a carbon copy and while the date was cut off, it says it’s from Czechoslovakia, so it must be pre-1993. I didn’t buy the book.

Letter to God

I found this letter inside the book “A Walk Across America,” which was being sold at an estate sale. I bought the book (and kept the letter).

Make a Rude Video

I assume this was a tearful love letter after a breakup with his/her lover. It really just speaks for itself. It made me chuckle for a long while. Enjoy!


Found in front of the Long Beach Aquarium. I feel bad that grandpa is sad but I feel just as bad that Joey is having a heap of Grandpa guilt dumped on him. Hopefully the hug made everyone feel better.

Would You Make a Deal With Me?

My mom’s boyfriend found this on his windshield behind a church in Erie. What we’ve been debating is whether the guy who wrote this is either really old or if he was writing on top of a piece of concrete.

Don’t Need None of Y’all

I was riding my bike along the sidewalk, and I saw this crumpled piece of paper in the grass at the side of the road.

Lost Love

Found lying on the sidewalk. It had been duct-taped to a pole like many others in the neighborhood. I don’t know if he ever found love again. So it goes.