Feelings and Thoughts

While walking with a friend who was having a particularly bad day, we found this in a parking lot between a high school and a strip club. It made her feel a bit better to see that some people had it worse than she did.

Love Poem

I saw this piece of paper on the street, at the intersection of Bivins & James Streets. It was early Sunday morning and I was walking the dog and picking up trash. I picked it up. The poem is written on the back of a portion of the wine list from some restaurant.

A Note to New Friends?

I found this on the floor of a bar. I thought it was interesting and instantly thought of FOUND Magazine.

Reading List

Our local library issues printed receipts for checked-out books, complete with due dates.


Found during the holiday season at Cary Towne Center Mall. Believe in you always!

Pretty Koko

This was inside of a book of cat pictures. Apparently this old lady lost her beloved kitty Koko and was practically inconsolable so her daughter bought her this book. The whole book was full of quotes and poems that she wrote. Poor old cat lady.

I Will Find a Way

Years ago, I knew a mentally handicapped fellow that would walk by my home almost daily. One day I went for the mail and found this lying on my driveway. I was moved with sadness for him because I knew he wanted to share his frustration with someone… but who could understand or do anything … Continued

Jameson with a Shot of Salt Water

I took a walk on the beach on President’s Day last year. It was after a storm. I often find interesting things that wash up on the sand, usually plastic items or cigarette butts that wash down from the city in the storm drains. This day I found a soggy message in a pint-sized Jameson … Continued

Bless There Soul

I found this near the scanner in my school newspaper’s room. I don’t know what context it’s in, but I love the misspellings, all those ellipses, and the random trace of someone’s hand.

Brave Kid

I work in a physiotherapy clinic and found this in the kids’ corner. It broke my heart.