Dear Mrs Todd

It seems to be some kind of counterfeit … disciplinary … greeting card.

Missing Kitty

One day I was locking my bike in a back alley off south side of Soho Square and I saw this note in the pavement. I guess it was stuck in a lamppost but fell off. I took from the ground and originally I was thinking to stick it again, but is so funny (think … Continued

Kan’t Talk

Poor kid. I figured there was some ugly divorce and as usual the kids get the crappy end of the stick.

Late Birthday Present

I found this on the Tube. An absent father mails his daughter some jeans with peanut butter and this accompanying letter, I assume.

The Test of Love

I’m pretty sure this is why my boss is no longer married.

Come Out

Found on the side of the road, apparently never making its way to the intended recipient. Hope he’s hanging in there.

Ceramic Cat Thief

I found this note attached to a tree while walking my dog. Maggie put some effort into this note, as it was crudely laminated using clear packing tape. Maybe next time, Maggie will think twice about leaving her ceramic cats unattended on a walking trail in the middle of the park!

Blue Note

Found by my son Phillip, 6 years old, on the street while riding his bike.

I Can’t Do This Any More

Here’s a sad little note I found on the sidewalk at the foot of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge.