Just getting to work this morning I found this outside the door. It was in a puddle.

Crystal Clear

I found this note on the ground while walking my friend’s dog. No good story from me on this, but I’m sure the person who wrote the note has plenty. (info/resources:


Found at Detroit’s Eastern Market in parking lot, Shed 5.

Broken Family

Found on a sunny Sunday morning while taking out the trash.

You Know My Number

I came across this letter to Vincent in a recycling bin. I think it’s really sad and beautiful. It makes me wonder if he ever called or if the wind brought him that feather.

Like Being in a Tree House

I found this letter carefully folded around a “fun-size” Snickers bar the morning after Father’s Day. It was on the railing of a deserted pedestrian bridge. I initially took it with me, then felt guilty and put it back at lunchtime, having figured out the elaborate folding scheme. When I went by in the evening, … Continued

Bad Daddy

I have a huge collection of children’s books. I’m always on the hunt! I found this one at a Value World. It is the saddest book inscription I have ever seen.