Romantic Evening, Indeed

I found this while working at an upscale hotel. Housekeeping had recovered it from a room and left it in the back office. More than halfway through an otherwise empty composition notebook awaited this gem. Our Casanova’s intentions are well-meaning, but really man, you’re going to spend more on your bathrobe than on the lucky … Continued

Autumn Love

Found at a used bookstore.

Slow Dance

A favorite from a discarded photo album found in a dumpster.

Laura and Max

This was found on the floor one rainy weekday night.

Our Nylon Home

I found this on the reverse side of a desk calendar from 1995. I find oddly romatic.

Limpy Love Note

I found this in the pocket of a pair of pants dropped off where I work (at a dry cleaner’s – we have to check all the pockets before the clothes go into the machines).

Bottom Drawer

And I thought I’d never find anything!


I was looking for a building I could use for a business idea when my realtor took me inside an old laundromat. I found this tacked to the bulletin board. I love that he added “Romantic” as an afterthought, and then what someone wrote on it after they read it.