Crystal Clear

I found this note on the ground while walking my friend’s dog. No good story from me on this, but I’m sure the person who wrote the note has plenty. (info/resources:


Found at Detroit’s Eastern Market in parking lot, Shed 5.

If The Worst Happens

I found this postcard in a littered parking space at a condo complex and read it a few times. I find myself interpreting the open ended statements a little differently each time. My interpretations get a little darker each time. It truly is an “In-Tents” message as the pre-printed text declares.

Dear Lucinda

I bought a used copy of ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez at a yard sale in Bel Air. This beautiful letter was folded up inside of it. There’s no date, but it seems to be quite old because of the discoloration and feel of the paper.

30 not 3

I found this piece of paper folded up in a bench on the bank of the Walnut River. It makes me wonder if they always go back and forth like this.

Dear Dad

I found this spiral notebook in the dumpster behind my apartment building.


This letter is near and dear to my heart. My wife and I found this letter, one page at a time, while on walks with our son. Each page was in the gutter just waiting for us in pretty much the same spot. I’ve pulled it at at some gatherings I’ve thrown with friends and … Continued

Never See Tomorrow

A tenant moved out and left their whole life behind, from baby books to artworks, love letters to random musings. Drawers had old lottery tickets & clippings of hair, film reels & broken earrings-the detritus of a life. So, as Rod Serling would have said, “Submitted for your approval, one envelope with handwriting…random lovelorn musings … Continued