I Can Never See Tomorrow

Found by Lenie in NYC, NY

A tenant moved out & left their whole life behind, from baby books to artworks, love letters to random musings. Drawers had old lottery tickets & clippings of hair, film reels & broken earrings-the detritus of a life. So, as Rod Serling would have said, “Submitted for your approval, one envelope with handwriting…random lovelorn musings or something else entirely.”

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Found by Cheryl; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I found this on the ground at a shopping mall. I passed it once and didn’t pick it up, but told myself if I went back it was mine. Could have been a grocery list or something else mundane. But it turned out to be notes someone made related to a break up! Delicious. Maybe so they’d remember what to rehash with their soon-to-be ex over the phone? I was quite pleased with the find. On the back it reads:
- big brother
- bachelorette party

I’ve been looking at it, interpreting it and trying to imagine the other person’s side of the story. I’m keeping this thing. It’s a good creative exercise.

What is Rage Like?

FOUND by Jeremy in St. Paul, MN

I found this lying in my driveway, all crumpled up in a ball in the snow. Its a wonder I even noticed it, as it was white on white. At first, I assumed that this was the abandoned start of something more substantial, but there’s something about the odd spacing between the words that makes me feel that this thought is intentionally concise and complete.

I Deserve Better

FOUND by Luke in Houston, TX

Words of pain and disappointment after this person generously loaned an apparent lover a car only to see the favor repaid with a callous and passive aggressive dis. I found this under a highway overpass and am intrigued by the story behind the relationship – and the clear finality of it – contained in a simple note probably left on a windshield.