Remember My Promise

This note was found neatly folded on the stairs in my high school.

The Test of Love

I’m pretty sure this is why my boss is no longer married.

Your Warning

Parked for a few hours in the evening on a residential street and came back to find this note stuck on the window of my car. By the way, I didn’t have a backpack, nor am I bald (or male).

Blue Note

Found by my son Phillip, 6 years old, on the street while riding his bike.

No More

I was looking for a place near the hotel that delivers pizza when I came across this in the hotel phonebook. I guess making a list like this would make me hungry, too.

I Can’t Do This Any More

Here’s a sad little note I found on the sidewalk at the foot of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge.

A Kid Raising Kids

I found this note written on an envelope on the floor in my local post office. What I find interesting is the envelope has no address written on it. I wonder if it had ever got to the intended recipient or if it was just tossed. I feel bad for whoever wrote it.


Found on the floor of Lifetime Fitness.

Dmitri, Heartbreaker

I found this folded up near a rope swing in my home town. Maybe Dmitri had it delivered to him and was so indifferent to the girl that he just dropped it, or maybe the girl had it fall out of her pocket/purse accidently and it never made it to Dmitri. She sounds desperate to … Continued