Dmitri, Heartbreaker

I found this folded up near a rope swing in my home town. Maybe Dmitri had it delivered to him and was so indifferent to the girl that he just dropped it, or maybe the girl had it fall out of her pocket/purse accidently and it never made it to Dmitri. She sounds desperate to … Continued

Feelings and Thoughts

While walking with a friend who was having a particularly bad day, we found this in a parking lot between a high school and a strip club. It made her feel a bit better to see that some people had it worse than she did.

Reading List

Our local library issues printed receipts for checked-out books, complete with due dates.

Guest Check

This was found this in a pair of pants purchased from a thrift store.

That Girl

This note was found in a magazine (Men’s Health) that I found in a parking lot.

Dear John Sticky on Stones Ticket

I found this as I was going in to see the Rolling Stones, at Ford Field. I can imagine someone getting handed this, with the ticket, as the last goodbye. I can only assume that it was from a girl to a guy, but there’s no real way to tell.

Baby I’m Sorry

Not to be confused with “Baby, hey I’m sorry…”

Get Your Life to Get There

Who says that picking up trash around the neighborhood doesn’t pay off? One 30-gallon bag and three blocks later, I had a rather entertaining read.