Out of the Family


FOUND by Jennifer Yuen in Oakland Hills, California

We went on out nightly walk around or neighborhood and on our way back I noticed a wadded up piece of yellow paper under a bush. At first I just glanced at it and kept walking but then I turned around and grabbed it! To my utter shock and delight it was SOMETHING! It reads “we would like to talk to you about saying you are out of the family.” I laughed and my husband asked what it was and before answering him I explained what I had listened to today and then showed him the paper. He agree how odd, weird, and cool it was! So here I am, with my first find on the first day I heard about FOUND and the first thing I picked up!

Always Be My Baby


(Click image to see pages 3 and 4)

FOUND by Michael in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Dated November 30, 2011, this note was found almost two years later under an overpass. It starts “I don’t know when you will find this …” Did he find it right away, keep it for two years, and then throw it away? Or was it undiscovered for two years, and did he throw it away as soon as he found it? Either way, it wasn’t just tossed in the trash. I picture someone launching it into the breeze from the overpass railing, watching it flutter away.

I like the sudden anatomical earthiness on the third page; always remember, it wasn’t just your dick size I fell for. Good to know.