Donovan must have done something.

Not the Right One

I picked up a folded piece of paper off the sidewalk. It was far more personal than I was expecting. I hope he/she found someone who makes them happy.

To Mother

Found this in my front yard while mowing.

Ex Oh Ex Oh

I was taking a break from my run this morning at a shady picnic table in the park. As I leaned over to catch my breathe, I noticed a torn photograph scattered in the grass. I put the pieces together and discovered that someone probably had their heart broken recently.

Divorce Papers

The papers ask the judge to forego the divorce request because of idiocy and love.

Quote Me Now

The bottom left corner has been ripped off. I’m actually kind of hoping it didn’t work out for these two.

Not Enough

I found this note in a little wooden box I bought at a flea market. It broke my heart because it looks like Katherine was crying while she wrote this– there are little tear stains on the paper. It also looks like this letter was read many, many times. The paper is torn like a … Continued

The Weight of Weight

I tore these pages out of a weight loss book that I found at Goodwill one day.

You Are a Truly Remarkable Woman

I found this note written on a bank change-slip placed in a double envelope when I was renovating my house.

From Juicy to Superman

I found this folded up, wet and laying in some leaves. I can only guess that it blew from down the street where a few teenagers live. Pretty juicy letter from Juicy.