I Made Chili and Made Too Much

I found this Post-It note on the ground while pumping gas. I think her chili was probably Ron’s favorite food, and she made it just for him. I imagined her writing this note with tears in her eyes, carefully taping it onto a Tupperware bowl full of warm chili and leaving it on the counter … Continued

Need to Straighten Out

I found this while cleaning an office cubicle I was using as a temp. I find it haunting and beautiful.

I Regret

I found this on the way to the Granville Island Market. I wonder if she gave the note to her friend, or lost it before she had the chance. Either way, hopefully the secret is safe.

The Honesty’s Too Much

Found this at the local credit union on the table where you fill out your deposit slips. The best part? At the moment I found it, the bank’s Muzak started playing “Sometimes When We Touch”! How appropriate.

Beach Note

This was inside an envelope left by my neighbor for me to find. In the seven years I’ve lived here, no one else has ever felt it necessary to use a string trimmer on the thick grass that grows wild in the sand.

Die On A Hill

I found this walking home one night (I had lost my keys and was retracing my steps). This was in the grass in front of an apartment building.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

I Just Don’t See the Point Anymore

Found in the parking lot of a Tasty Thai restaurant. A break-up note of sorts? A modern day Romeo and Juliet? Angsty teens? The possibilities are endless.


Found this while walking my dog. He’s pretty helpful in sniffing out good finds. I think that I’d lie too if someone called me a god damned bitch.