The Honesty’s Too Much

Found this at the local credit union on the table where you fill out your deposit slips. The best part? At the moment I found it, the bank’s Muzak started playing “Sometimes When We Touch”! How appropriate.

Die On A Hill

I found this walking home one night (I had lost my keys and was retracing my steps). This was in the grass in front of an apartment building.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

I Just Don’t See the Point Anymore

Found in the parking lot of a Tasty Thai restaurant. A break-up note of sorts? A modern day Romeo and Juliet? Angsty teens? The possibilities are endless.


Found this while walking my dog. He’s pretty helpful in sniffing out good finds. I think that I’d lie too if someone called me a god damned bitch.

We’re Only Gonna Die Anyways

I found this while exploring an abandoned house with my cousin. It was crumpled up and shoved under a couch cushion.

We Both Know

I found this outside my office building, caught in the bushes. We don’t need the other 3/4 of this letter to get the gist.

The Closer I Get to You

I just found this note on the street last night. Everyone that I was standing with fell silent when I read it, and there was a quiet until someone said, “Yep, that’s pretty much it… isn’t it.” Enjoy.


I found this walking on the strip in Las Vegas. It seems like there could be more pages to this, maybe before? I imagine “boo-Chie” is a woman who’s upset with her love. Maybe they were going to get married in Vegas, but then there were doubts after they lost tons of money gambling to … Continued