I Am Not a Threat to This Country


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FOUND by Richard in a Wal-Mart parking lot

This letter was laying on the ground as I exited my car. Rarely do I exert the energy to pick up a piece of paper but this was folded in a way where I could see it was a note of sorts. It is dated November 21, 2002, and I am confident it had not been there long due to it’s condition. Less than a year after September 11, 2001 my mind raced with thoughts of what this guy was up to and why this letter was in a Wal-Mart parking lot of my small boring town. I’ve held onto it for all this time.

Gotta Look Forward, Not Back


FOUND by Jerry Mac and Billy B. in Seattle, Washington

On way back to the hotel following a Furthur concert at WAMU, we had just left the light rail station at SEATAC Airport. As we crossed the intersection near 13 Coins Restaurant/Bar, we saw this yellow, folded-up letter in the middle of the street. It was obvious that it hadn’t been there long (no tire tracks), so we grabbed it and took it back to the hotel for “furthur” analysis. All we can gather is that someone had a not-so-good run-in with the police and that a screwdriver was involved at some point. Also apparently you are not allowed to spell out “BITCH” in letters to people in “centers.”

Expect the Best


FOUND by Sailor in Silver Spring, Maryland

My mom actually found this piece at least three years ago. I told her about FOUND Magazine around 2005, and this is her first paper solo find. We have found balloons while kayaking, and washers and other metal bits in the street while walking. This list reminds me of my job as a foster care social worker, and how much the world would be different for all of those kiddos if some adults could just practice this list.