Good News in Newark

Found in a puddle outside my workplace near a day-care center. Glad to know some “Good News” is going down in the city!

George Loves Martha

George dreams of being with Martha on the inflatable mattress soon. I would assume he’s not referring to uhm err anything regarding you know what I mean. I’m thinking either one of them was homeless or a Hobo for a while… George is the artsy type, concerned about the sun-burned Martha in Orlando and he … Continued

Yui’s Career Choice

While helping clean the art room at my school, I came across a box of postcards someone had donated. I figured there must have been at least a hundred, half of them written in other languages, and postmarked from all over the world. So I did what any finder would do: shoved the stack in … Continued

Donkey Week

I found this while walking home- must have dropped out of the postman’s hands or something. I was particularly excited to learn that a “Donkey Week” exists!

Asscape From Alcatraz

Postcard found in a used book. Love the line “It was cool seeing the clay heads they made when they were going to asscape.”

It Hasn’t Been Easy

Found this a couple years ago in a book (Hunter Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels”) that I picked up somewhere… garage sale… ex-girlfriend… who knows. It’s at least ten years old but probably closer to twenty. I mailed it to the address on the card with a note but have had no response. Been trying to work … Continued

Did You Feed My Husband

This showed up in my mailbox (wrong address): an unsigned postcard from Grand Teton National Park. Don’t most people put meals in the freezer if they know someone can’t take care of himself?

The Very Best I Could

My husband found this postcard crumpled up on the grass outside our house in the spring of 2000.

Nothing Like a Good Vortex

My friend Asif found this postcard in the basement when he was moving into a new house.