I work as a maintenance worker for the second largest housing development in the area…with over 4,000 homes and counting. Every single day I find all sorts of interesting stuff…from clothing, to opened mail, to drug paraphernalia, to dead animals, to found notes such as the ones that I am submitting today. I started collecting … Continued

Behind You

This was stuck on the side of a house that I was passing by.

Great Day

Found this in the hallway; it made my day a little greater.

I Didn’t Know

My dad found this note on these shipping pallets (big wooden crate-like things).

Random Notes

Stepped off the transit and found a series of post-it notes with strange, well written messages. Enjoy

His Doughnut

I found this in a restaurant in Edinburgh around two years ago. The restaurant has mismatched tables and chairs: our table that evening had a drawer in the side of it, like an old-fashioned kitchen table, and this note was in the drawer along with a folder of stuff that seemed to have belonged to … Continued

Unrequited Love

I found this gem while I was on a walk during my lunch hour. It raises a few assumptions about Jack: -He is about 8 or 9 years old -His target is either devastated at losing her first love note or possibly indifferent at the loss -I think it is statistically probable that the love … Continued

Personal Legend

I found this post-it note a few months ago and I have been carrying it around in my bag ever since. Every once in a while I re-find it and I am so excited for the encouraging message!

And Anellese Backed Up

Poor Anellese, I wonder why she’s “backed up” and why Ron needs to know about it.