Dearest Cory

This notepad scratch was found in the seatback on a flight from LA to Boston.

A Love Lunch

Found on the ground downtown. It looks like part of a restaurant receipt, missing the other half. I wish I could return it to the owner, because this seems special.

A Less Difficult World

Found this note on the title page of a secondhand copy of a book of Adrienne Rich poetry. I like to think Doris gave Sam the book early on in their courtship, and I hope things worked out for them!


I found this business card while walking downtown.

A Neat Life

This was found while I waited for the streetcar on a typical rain drenched afternoon. It was balled up sitting very close to the garbage can, but it looked very clean, crisp and white, so I picked it up and was very intrigued.


Found this while browsing at a used book fair. Wish I could remember the name of the book it was hiding inside, but I didn’t want to buy the book, so I put it back, but kept the note (score!). It’s a sweet note from a mom to her kid, a sort of pep talk … Continued

Friendship Soup

Found stuck between the Frango Mints boxes on display at Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) on State Street in Chicago a few days before Christmas.

Hott Date

This was in a Hawaiian fast food men’s room. I couldn’t believe my luck.


Found this tucked away in a used copy of “The Martian Chronicles” I picked up the other day for a quarter.

I Think We Can Still Be Friends

I bought an old bureau at a yard sale. It needed a little work so I took out the drawer, and then a folded up note fluttered down onto my foot. I opened it up, read it, and decided I HAD to share.