So Forget It

This was found in a photography book I purchased at a thrift store in the small country town I live in.

The Grand Finale

Found this while doing roomchecks in the residences of Acadia University. A band camp had been staying in the dorms for a week, and I discovered this note in one of the rooms from a girls’ mother.

I Almost Feel Creative Tonite

In 1994 I bought the Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP at Discount Records (R.I.P.) and this 45 was stuck in the sleeve with the original two records.

Lovely List

I bought a second-hand book from a charity shop in Bristol, UK and found this to-do list inside. Sounds like someone wanted to change their life. Perhaps after a relationship break up? The book was about witch-craft… I’m not sure if that is relevant… but it makes you think.

The Journey

I bought a Paul Auster novel from a used book store in England and found this message written inside. I would love to know what “journey” the message is referring to, and whether the book was lost or given away. If it was given away, does that mean the journey turned out to be one … Continued

The Winner’s Attitude

Ordered a book (The Winner’s Attitude: Using the “Switch” Method to Change How You Deal with Difficult People and Get the Best Out of Any Situation at Work) for one of my marketers to work on his attitude problem. While flipping through the book, a folded up note slipped out, with “Mike!!” written on the … Continued