Well-traveled Book


FOUND by Su Talun in Bangkok, Thailand

I happened to find a copy of “Name of the Rose” at a 2nd-hand bookstore near Kao Sarn Road. When I opened the cover I found what looks like a letter from the book’s former “owner” to its “to-be owner,” signed off as “B.” Whoever he/she is, sounds like awesome. Inspires you to go out and live life.

I Know I’m Not Popular


FOUND by Warren in the DAV Thrift Store, Springfield, Missouri

Found this neatly folded on the shelf with all the bags of toys at a DAV thrift store. I really feel for Destiny. I hope that Justin called her (after family dinner of course) but we may never know. This is framed and hanging in my house. Also, a friend’s band titled one of their songs “The lost love letter of…” after it.