Never Expected Perfection


FOUND by Christopher in Covina, California

I bought a vinyl copy of Movin’ With Nancy by Nancy Sinatra at a thrift store a few months ago. When I went to play the album I found this letter inside a little envelope, addressed to Mary from Sam. I wonder if Sam gave Mary this album and if she listened to it with her family. I also wonder what parental problem Mary was having and what they did when they met at noon.

Expect the Best


FOUND by Sailor in Silver Spring, Maryland

My mom actually found this piece at least three years ago. I told her about FOUND Magazine around 2005, and this is her first paper solo find. We have found balloons while kayaking, and washers and other metal bits in the street while walking. This list reminds me of my job as a foster care social worker, and how much the world would be different for all of those kiddos if some adults could just practice this list.

Shh My Ass


FOUND by Elaine B. in Albany, New York

Love (or friendship) note left beneath my windshield wiper; my name’s not Maria but my license plate frame says “I’m a librarian and I will shush your ass.” Maria must be pretty awesome since the author says there should be “1 million more of her.” On the other hand, the author wasn’t sure if Maria is a librarian or not, so might not know Maria very well at all. I am a librarian at a local university and was parked in the student lot, so I presume this is from a student, but there are no librarians named Maria on campus. I hope Maria learns someday how highly this author, and presumably others, think of her.

Well-traveled Book


FOUND by Su Talun in Bangkok, Thailand

I happened to find a copy of “Name of the Rose” at a 2nd-hand bookstore near Kao Sarn Road. When I opened the cover I found what looks like a letter from the book’s former “owner” to its “to-be owner,” signed off as “B.” Whoever he/she is, sounds like awesome. Inspires you to go out and live life.