Sarah, Full of Light

About 20 years ago I purchased an old dresser from a thrift store, The ARC. I didn’t look in the drawers when I made the purchase. When I got home I found this lovely young lady in the top drawer. For some reason I call her Sarah.

Mr. Giraffe

I found this at the custom silkscreening shop I work at.

The Great Northern Hotel

At work today an e-mail went out to all staff warning that the Lost and Found box was going to be dumped. In the e-mail was a list of completely random items (gold earring with “precious” written on it, 3 maps of Africa, a stuffed M&M doll, etc), but one item really stood out as … Continued


The girl on the right must be thinking “Why do I have to put my hand on his shoulder? He probably has cooties!”

Small Town Beauty

This is one of a number of negatives I found in the gutter.

November 1927

What did this band of mustachioed hooligans just successfully pull off?

Stretchy Pants

Found this in a hutch I bought at a garage sale.

Claude at Dusk

My husband and I found this photo in a library book. Written on the back is “Claude at Dusk.”

Palm Man

I found this photo dated June 1963 on a street in San Francisco last year. It has an odd note on the back that reads “taken too late at night”. But too late for what?