The girl on the right must be thinking “Why do I have to put my hand on his shoulder? He probably has cooties!”

Small Town Beauty

This is one of a number of negatives I found in the gutter.

November 1927

What did this band of mustachioed hooligans just successfully pull off?

Stretchy Pants

Found this in a hutch I bought at a garage sale.

Claude at Dusk

My husband and I found this photo in a library book. Written on the back is “Claude at Dusk.”

Palm Man

I found this photo dated June 1963 on a street in San Francisco last year. It has an odd note on the back that reads “taken too late at night”. But too late for what?

Thumbs Up

This was found in September of 2001 on Richmond Street near the University of Western Ontario.

Two Margaritas

I found this on a covered trash bin in front of my neighborhood Walgreens. Perhaps whoever put it there couldn’t quite bring himself (or herself) to toss it into the receptacle.