Through Your Throat

I keep my fenced-in yard clean– no tree or plant debris, no broken down satellite dishes or old snowmobiles or toilets turned into planters. I found this one morning- it wasn’t there when I walked the dogs the night before.

The Buzzert Strikes Again

My co-workers found this plastered on a car behind our building. Oddly enough, a few months ago we found SEVERAL adult toys in the same spot. I guess she didn’t need them any more, once she found Steve.


Found this on the sidewalk near my house. If you look close you will notice that the central figure is actually sitting cross-legged on a raised platform. You can just barely see his/her toes poking out from under the white robe.

51 President

I found this while cleaning an office building. It chills me to the bone.


Found on the sidewalk; one side is bulleted with specifics, the other check-boxed.

Canned Clams + Meth

I used to work at a coffee shop frequented by an inordinate amount of methamphetamine-addicts. A pair of such unsavory types one day came in with an opened can of (I kid you not) clams, and began offering them to the shop’s patrons. These guys even made a little sign reading “Free Try Me Fresh” … Continued

Karen’s Guide

Found in the women’s restroom at Mary’s Club, an infamous and seamy strip joint. Karen wrote on her lovely stationary what I can only assume are burning questions she’d pose to a potential date. Question #1 is valid: married? Then a second important question: kids? But then after that – is she just looking for … Continued