I Need a Plan


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FOUND by Stephanie in Allston, Massachusetts

On Saturday I read an article in the New York Times that the Millennial generation is more interested in life fulfillment than in making a lot of money.

On Sunday, I found this.

This person has it all figured out, right there in the first paragraph. Finish the semester, go to Salem, play ball, and “make so much cash.” He also wants to work out, so he can become a “big-figure person” and a “great-looking gentleman.”

He’s not all about the Benjamins, though – at the bottom of page one, a propos of nothing, he takes a nice little detour and names all of the people he loves. I don’t know what kind of history he has with Jonathan, but there is clearly a story there.

On page two, though, his focus is again on cash – he clearly sets out his bottom line: his goal to “make 12,000″ in less than a week, “every week!”

To his credit, however, and to be fair, along with investing his money, he does mention donating some of it– as well as sharing it with his future wife!

Room 391


FOUND by Franklin W. in the Westwood Library

This is a library check out receipt, for a book called Before I Fall. I love the absolute seeming mundane nature of the note, the impossibly small perfect handwriting, and then the final Room 391. Tiramisu leads to a double date query, which leads to a hot tub session, and then they’re in the room.