Astounding Girl

In 2003 I was collecting science fiction stories and books to vote on the Retro Hugo Award for best SF from 1953. I bought a bunch of 1953 dated science fiction magazines at Kayo Books in San Francisco. This photograph of the little girl posed on a crate reading a copy of Astounding Science Fiction … Continued


Chuck Taylors and Cigs

Sometimes I check out– and even read– books from the library. I was reading John Berger’s “On Looking” (great, btw) and out fell this terrific photo. No writing on the back, just “Kodak paper.” It looks like a silver gelatin process, a little dark, but so gorgeous. I contacted our librarian, but the library doesn’t … Continued


Found two identical prints of this on the sidewalk downtown. On the back it indicates that it was processed at Walgreens on 1/5/07.

Flip Master

This photo was found in the kitchen of a community hall where a punk rock show was being held. It depicts a common Calgary tradition: a “stampede breakfast,” where free pancakes and sausage are served. Of note is the fact that the pancake is in mid-flip, and the flipper of the pancake is making direct … Continued


I found this in a library copy of ‘Timequake’ by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a postcard, and the only other words on it are “Laurent Nel, Rennes,” on the back. My favorite things are the hat and the apparatus in the background.

Don’t F with Us

This is one of my first finds. I picked it up off the sidewalk outside of my high school sometime around ’92. I remember there was a fire drill that day. I put this in a photo album I’ve kept for all these years.

Remember Us

I found this picture torn in half while walking my dog. Its double sided. The back says, “so keep this to remember us jus like we will ___ you. -bb” (I can’t read part of it).

This Train Can Kick Your Ass

Found this photo at work (used bookstore) pinned to our “communication board” at the buy counter. Presumably it was with a book that we bought.