Ex Oh Ex Oh

I was taking a break from my run this morning at a shady picnic table in the park. As I leaned over to catch my breathe, I noticed a torn photograph scattered in the grass. I put the pieces together and discovered that someone probably had their heart broken recently.

Ghost Cat

I found in a foreclosed home. There was a envelope that had several double exposures in it. I love how it looks like the cat is watching him bowl

Demon Cat

My son works at a place that recycles just about anything. He knows I love cats, so he found this for me.

Mung Dispenser

I’m guessing it was taken in the late ’60s and I couldn’t find any information about it besides a scrap of paper taped to it that read “Mung Dispenser.” That’s a whole lot of mung.

Crystal Basin Pirate Party Winner

I found this at a gas station just off California’s Highway 50 where I always stop to let my dogs run during long car rides.

Army Dudes

Found on a sidewalk several years ago; no idea who they are, but the Mussolini poster in the background is a nice touch!

Hi Fidelity Psychology

I found a few slides that appear to be from some sort of psychological test/experiment done in the 1970s. It involves a lot of machinery hooked up to the test subjects(?) and a lot of guys in thick glasses taking notes and talking with them. A lot of the people look distraught but not this … Continued

Fancy Casket

I was going through a bunch of old books, one of my favorite hobbies. This picture was tucked inside a Bible totally written in Latin. The first pages were missing so not sure how old; but, look at the detail in dressing up this casket.

Blue Velvet Revisited

I found this picture laying on the sidewalk in lovely downtown Shawano. This photo kind of creeps me out. The gnarly old man caressing this young woman. She kind of looks creeped out, too. My friends and I have come up with many stories about this photo, but none of them turn out good.