Baby Between Sheds

My friend Amy found an old photo album and she gave it to me after I showed her Found Magazine #1. This little girl’s name is Jacqueline and the album follows her through the 3rd grade. In this photo she is 6 months old.

Bugle Boy

Someone had already propped this photo up on the advertising board but I couldn’t resist taking it. It is labeled “Cole” on the back and this looks like a photo that they will bring out when he is older to show to his girlfriend to humiliate him. I’m glad my parents were too cheap to … Continued

Angry Granny

I found this in a used book store. It was tucked in a World War II book.


Found this in a used car; the back is marked “Fiesta.”

G.I. Just Kidding

I found this as I was cleaning out a house after an estate sale. I’ve seen a couple of cool things at these but this is my favorite so far. On the back of the photo it reads “That’s the way the Krauts surrendered to us, as demonstrated by ‘Yank’ Dennison and ‘Kraut’ Thrueatt, Penn.& … Continued

First Pedicure

Found on the sidewalk near Palmer Square.

A Taste of Tunisia

I am a photographer of the dying breed, the one that still shoots with film. After I get my film developed and scanned at the lab around my house, I rush back home to look through my images. This one time, though, there was an extra set of photographs which technically I did not find, … Continued


Had to wait 30 minutes for my doctor to see me, but it was worth it when I found this torn photo in the waiting room.

‘Till Death Do Us Part

This slide was found in a dumpster. Dated DEC ’59, the image was tossed out along with several dozen other family portraits from this era. I’ll leave it to the viewer to determine what this says about the Jersey Shore culture in the late 1950′s.

Mardi Gras

I found this photo in a discarded photo album. On the back it states that this is a photo of Susan and Joseph at a Mardi Gras Parade. I can appreciate how the sea of people parted so that this picture could be taken.