Well, Howdy!

I was over from the UK visiting a friend and I found this on the pavement/sidewalk. Cow girl, horses, wagon wheels– just like I seen in the movies.

Bar Drama

I found picture outside of a frat bar on “The Strip.” It looks like someone tore this baby to bits.


I found this picture in an alley behind a head shop in Boulder. It was cut out of a piece of glossy photo paper and was neatly leaned against a soda can. On the back it says “GET DRUMMED!”

Pin Up Girls

I was walking along with my dog, and this 8X10 photo was lying atop a heap of garbage and junk. I couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it home to show my husband. It made his morning.

Mickey and Sister

Found this is an old box. Didn’t know Mickey played lute!

Big Wheel

One of the last of the pictures found in the back of the old desk drawer – this one is a different style.

Tears of the Giraffe

included was a receipt from a Costco store dated 11/1/2003 and also this 5×7 photo.


I found it in a trashcan or on the ground, I can’t remember.

Our Shades

We found this in a free box on someone’s yard. It originally came in a broken frame, which someone tried to fix with peanut butter.


Found this by the bike rack at the gym.