Case of Serpent Envy

Found this in the parking lot at work. Desire and temptation are strong themes.

Exodus 20:16

Found this in the neighborhood while walking my dog. It has the name “Hutchie” written on the back, along with a date, partial phone number, and “Exodus 20:16.”

Missing Heart

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I went on a walk and watched the sun rise. As I was coming back, I happened to see this lying on the sidewalk and picked it up.

Cheek, Kiss, Cheek, Kiss

I found this photo while on a date with my boyfriend– it was on a bench outside of a bookstore. He broke up with me later that night. I hope their love lasts longer than ours.

Rocket Boy

I found this deep in the depths of a couch we got at a second hand store.

Baby Between Sheds

My friend Amy found an old photo album and she gave it to me after I showed her Found Magazine #1. This little girl’s name is Jacqueline and the album follows her through the 3rd grade. In this photo she is 6 months old.

Bugle Boy

Someone had already propped this photo up on the advertising board but I couldn’t resist taking it. It is labeled “Cole” on the back and this looks like a photo that they will bring out when he is older to show to his girlfriend to humiliate him. I’m glad my parents were too cheap to … Continued

Angry Granny

I found this in a used book store. It was tucked in a World War II book.


Found this in a used car; the back is marked “Fiesta.”