Golden Jubilee

Discovered behind the furnace, in the basement of a house I once lived in.

Gorilla Love

I found this while hiking with about 15 other photos from the same roll of film. This was one of my favorites.

Catholic Grandmother

I found this in a used book of Psalms that I picked up at a thrift store. It was wedged between the pages for Psalm– Morning Prayer for Divine Help.

Umo Needs Ovens

I found this down the back of a sofa (looking for a pen I’d dropped) at Orange St. Music club, a brilliant venue for finds.

Lovely Ladies

It’s an amazing feeling to look into someone else’s life by holding in your hand something they have thrown away or lost. I treasure these items as fragments of true humanity. In finding and keeping these things I am helping to keep memories alive.

The Disappearing Boy

Found a few years ago in a manila folder labeled “Sgt. Pepper likes to skate” under the bleachers at a college basketball game. Should’ve put the folder up too, was quite interesting and filthy.

July 19, 1985!!!!!

I bought my house in 2001 and hadn’t looked into the attic since then. But this year, to check the insulation, I grabbed a ladder and took a peek. My attic is one of those that is accessible only through a hatch in the ceiling, and you really can’t use it to hang out in … Continued

Family A-sail

Walking down 11th Avenue, I spot this family photo on the sidewalk next to a car dealership. Dad, two lovely daughters and the photographer mom. The picture find was two blocks distant from the Hudson River. They abandoned ship and subsequent boating memories to urban turf.


My former boss’s mother died. Along with some other possessions of hers he donated boxes of her painting materials that I helped myself to. Among the chewed paint tubes, leaves of paper and stuff that I rummaged through I happened to find these odd photographs; I suppose the artist was using them for reference.

Media Services Sucks

I found two of these in the recycling bin by the copiers in the library. One copy was clearer than the other. There’s about a million reasons to dislike media services, however there were no other copies indicating which reason it might have been.