A Dapper Young Man

I found this picture in the Loew’s Theater parking lot on a rainy evening in September. He was looking up at me, so handsome and Victorian, and I had to save him from being completely destroyed. The photo is mounted on cardboard, and “Bergman’s Photograph Gallery, Louisville, KY” is printed on the back. The carboard … Continued

8 Ball and Terry

I found a whole bunch of photographs in a Volvo at a junkyard. I really like this one. The back says “8 Ball (my brother) and Terry (my man).”


I found a series of black & white photos from a thrift store going out of business.


Found slipped inside a copy of Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper, by Art & Laurie Pepper, purchased at a bookstall in Swiss Cottage, London.

Bertha and Mom

Found this old school small square black and white photo of “Bertha and Mom” (so it states on the back) while walking to work the other day at the corner of S. Charles St. and Ostend St. in Federal Hill, Baltimore. It was in the gutter and had been driven over numerous times, but when … Continued

The Collar

I was waiting for my sister, who was at the DMV. I took a walk down Main Street and on my way back I saw this photograph on the ground. It hadn’t been there 15 minutes earlier. On the back it is dated 1977. It sure looks it, too.

If Looks Could Kill

My friend and I found this wedged between two tables at a local bar. It was 80′s night karaoke. Someone was singing Heart’s “If Looks Could Kill.”

Ex Oh Ex Oh

I was taking a break from my run this morning at a shady picnic table in the park. As I leaned over to catch my breathe, I noticed a torn photograph scattered in the grass. I put the pieces together and discovered that someone probably had their heart broken recently.

Ghost Cat

I found in a foreclosed home. There was a envelope that had several double exposures in it. I love how it looks like the cat is watching him bowl