Drugstore Zombie

I work in a used bookstore. I found this in a copy of “The Birth of Tragedy and The Genealogy of Morals” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Mysterious Interior

I have no idea what this photograph is of, it was a random find on a street. On closer inspection, the photograph has that texture of many shoes treading it into the pavement. I’m pretty sure it is meant to be this way up, as there is a sign on the left-hand wall which I … Continued


After collecting found photos for twenty-five years, I was incredibly proud of my thirteen-year-old son, who presented me with a disposable camera he found under his bunk at camp. When we developed the film, we decided this was our favorite shot.

Claude at Dusk

My husband and I found this photo in a library book. Written on the back is “Claude at Dusk.”


I discovered this picture on the outside window ledge of a restaurant that used to be a railroad depot in Louisiana. I don’t know what the guy is rolling up – it’s kind of like he stops mid-toke with that regular cigarette when he sees what the other guy is working on. If you blow … Continued

Lots to Give Thanks For

I found this at Ashby Bart in 2002. I always wondered who this kid was and why his mom or dad sat him on the table next to the paper turkey.

A Nice Home

Stuck between the seat cushions at The Majestic Diner.

Birthday Goat

I found this picture in a disposable camera while working on a college campus. There were also a bunch of birthday pictures that turned out really faded. I found it funny that only the goat picture was the only one that survived. Since then I’ve had it taped to my car visor to remind me … Continued

Hippo Boat

Found this left behind from an eviction in front of an old house.

Tongue Friends

I was coming back home from school, and it was just laying there on the ground. I will look for them on campus, but I probably will not find them. People that happy do not stay long anywhere. They spread themselves thin and leave a piece of themselves in each one of us. This is … Continued