Time for More

This note was folded in neat little quarters, with “To: Eric” written on the outside front and back. Even with the careful labeling, it got lost in a Metro station. She sounds so wistful … hope she and Eric had time for more than just texts!

1000000000 Kisses

When I was walking to work, I cut through the park. The letter was a little wet.


I found this in a rental car at the airport when I was on vacation in the Carolinas.

5 Ugly Earrings

I came across this ripped note in the parking lot of a furniture store. I wonder if the person with the jewelry got the chance to read it?

Give You “a” Call

We found this late one night after walking back from the Planetarium area of the lakefront. We were walking through the pedestrian and bicycle underpass and saw it, handwritten side up.

Fill Me Up

I found this near my home while walking with my sister.

Smooth Operator

I work in a small college library and one morning this was sitting by one of our computers. I’m not sure if Tony AKA “Cash” is a student here or one of our public access patrons, but clearly he’s as smooth as can be.

Last Good Bye

Found this note walking home from a bar one night, it was ripped in half and crumbled on the sidewalk.

Ninja Son

This was found at a small, makeshift encampment where there were many items strewn about. It was very sad to think that someone would have to resort to this refuge in this area known if not for its wealth, at least for it’s established opportunities for the working class.

Let’s Skip The Bull

Found this in a Florida International University auditorium after finite math night class.