From My Levatoranz


FOUND by Paul Markowicz at The Strand Bookstore, Manhattan, New York

No idea what a Levatoranz or a Bulbospongiosus are, but it does seem that “J” really loves Matthew. This was found in a book outside at The Strand bookstore in New York City in the $1 books section.

The Money Tree


FOUND by Paul Markowicz in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

I found this note today (Memorial Day, 2012) on the street walking back from a picnic in Prospect Park. It was laying face-up by itself and since I noticed it was a sizable handwritten note, my curiosity was piqued. When I started reading it, I figured it was a breakup note or an angry letter from a parent, but by the end assumed it was a cash gift to a once-spoiled child. The true story is still unclear.