A Christmas Greeting

Found this on a shelf in the business section at a bookstore a couple weeks before Christmas. It’s written on the back of a bank deposit receipt. The account balance was $1,663.47.

What I Think of Your Cheek

I was crossing the railroad tracks to get to the bike path along the levee when I found this note between the tracks. I didn’t see any parking spaces nearby. Must have blown a ways.

Hey Fuck Face

I found this note in the parking lot of the Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift Store. There weren’t any obvious entrances or exits for a car to block, so the event probably happened elsewhere. And the thrift store people are all very nice.

Park Carts Hear Heer Here

I found this sign on a par-three golf course while golfing with my friends Matt and Katie. It appears to have been up for some time, based on the rust trail from the nail at the top, and the several attempts at correction.

Beating the System

Found this on the ground at the gas station this morning. This cat seems to have figured out a way to beat the system.

A Bad Day

I found this note on the sidewalk awhile ago.

A Little Off The Sides

Had the back doors open of our recently purchased used car and were standing, waiting to load an item when Richard reaches in and plucks out from under the back seat: a folded note addressing the former owner. We’ve been pondering the identity of the writer and the content ever since.

All the Way Up

Having been in New York City for a bit I became accustomed to parking wherever I could find even a remotely legal space. On returning to Charleston I continued this cutthroat mentality in regards to parking, but ended up slightly inconveniencing some poor person to whom I parked very close. It couldn’t have been that … Continued