We’d Really Appreciate It

Found this on our car at our sister’s apartment late one night. Obviously, they need a special spot to load their “loads.” We park there because they hit my sister’s car before, then asked if they could make more room to park there.

Get Warm Together

I found this in a used Charles Bukowski book that I purchased on eBay. i wonder what “free parking” REALLY means.

Parking Spot

My friend found this note in the parking lot at the University of Houston. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Campus Safety

This note was found on my car after I parked in the temporary spots in front of the high school dorm on my college campus. The note is written on the back of a Scantron.


I found this in the Price Chopper parking lot. Obviously, some jerk parked his car across two or more spots. I like the way the author emphasizes the offender’s obvious sense of entitlement by underlining “you,” as well as the use of “asshat” as opposed to the more pedestrian “asshole.”

Tropical Paradise

I picked this up on the street near Central Square. Nothing too special about the content of the note, but I like how it looks like the “dumb ass” is pooping into a magical Tahitian lagoon.

Asshole Parker

I found this note in a Target parking lot in St. Louis one afternoon. It was laying on the ground between two cars, none of which were mine. I’m still trying to figure out if the writer of the note meant to call the bad parker an asshole twice or just forgot to put the … Continued

Not Handicap?

I found this note curbside near where I work in Lincoln Park. Parking around there is a real bitch.

Nature or Nuture?

Finally, I found something for FOUND! My boyfriend thought I was crazy picking up trash in the parking lot, but I knew it was a treasure! Apparently this person hates bad parkers, enough to insult family genetics. Ha!