Groceries and Sex


FOUND by Leslie Constans in Tualatin, Oregon

I found this list in June 2002 in the women’s restroom of a supermarket. I glanced over the front and realized that someone had forgotten her shopping list for an upcoming vacation. I probably wouldn’t have flipped it, except for the fact that the person had written “-over-” at the bottom of the page. The back listed a number of activities to do while on vacation, ending, amusingly enough, with “lots of sex.”

(Re-blog from 2004)

All Adds Up


FOUND by Colin Ryono in Portland, Oregon

My friend found this slip of paper in the vents of his house in NE Portland, an apparent relic from its previous residents. On the front is a child playing with an adding machine. On the opposite side, a child has written “I will eat you.”

This is what I imagine regarding its origin: the child who wrote “I will eat you” had a little brother or sister who believed that there’s a monster (or a dragon) living in the vents. He/she writes “I will eat you” on the back of the paper and slips it down into the vent, believing that eventually, the note will fly out and be discovered by their sibling. The sibling will come to the logical conclusion: the monster knows I’m here, and it will eat me.