Found this on the sidewalk near my house. If you look close you will notice that the central figure is actually sitting cross-legged on a raised platform. You can just barely see his/her toes poking out from under the white robe.

Eat Responsibly

Found on a high school hallway floor. I wonder if it was a Health class assignment, or if someone was just doodling while hungry?

A Love Unrequited

Found in the mail at the Ranger Station where I work.

Clean Friends Only

I found this in front of my house. Unfortunately, a day too late for the party!

Monkey Business

I found this note while taking in the beauty of the scenery from high up on a cliff. It may not seem like much, but it must have meant a lot to the person who wrote it. Seems like it was intended for a daily diary entry. I particularly like the ‘Monkey Business’ image with … Continued

For Hookin Shit Up

I found this note out in the country next to a huge water tank. It was written on the back of a business flyer that discussed floral arrangements for children’s parties.

Jesus Has a Full Schedule

Found in an office that was being cleaned out for a new employee. I am amazed Jesus has the time to replace plants on a one-on-one basis.

Ancient VIVI Nashmare

Found on the floor in hallway at school. Did the artist mean Ancient Vivid Nightmare? See how he erased “Nashmare”? Maybe thought he should check the spelling first.

51 President

I found this while cleaning an office building. It chills me to the bone.