I Want My Unicorn

Found outside of a school in far East Portland as I was walking my dog, must have been earlier that day, because it hadn’t been rained on yet.

All Adds Up

My friend found this slip of paper in the vents of his house in NE Portland, an apparent relic from its previous residents. On the front is a child playing with an adding machine. On the opposite side, a child has written “I will eat you.” This is what I imagine regarding its origin: the … Continued

Mommy, Wife, Life Partner

Found in the back of a Tri-Met city bus. I can’t help but wonder if it was left by the recipient, or if the sender lost it before he had a chance to even give it to her.

Enough to Be Famous

I found this folded up under a flower pot at a local coffee shop. I don’t know how to upload the other side at the same time, it appears to be possible, but I don’t know how. On the other side it says: “Do not read unless you are Lenny. If you not Lenny, please … Continued

Playing with Matches?

I found this photo at a garage sale from a guy who said he used to work at a photo lab and would occasionally print doubles of crazy pictures that came through. This was his favorite photo he ever copied. It raises a lot of questions.

What I Want in a Guy

There are six pages with writing in this spiral notebook (with the cover “Orient’e – Authentic Oriental, Made in Japan”), none of which look like they were done by the same person. Following a first page that simply says, “Mike’s Phylosiphy”, and several blank pages interspersed with a crossed out grocery list and a page … Continued

Aye Caramba

I was at Wal-Mart one day using the Kodak photo machine, and someone had left this photo in the scanner. I loved it so much, I paid for it so I could take it home. I like how everyone in the picture is frowning except the kid in the middle riding the horse. It never … Continued

Gorilla Love

I found this while hiking with about 15 other photos from the same roll of film. This was one of my favorites.

Blocks of Scariness

Hubby and I go to the ZigZag Inn a lot for pizza; we’re locals. Lots of tourists and skiers and such come through there on their way up to Mt. Hood. We found this note folded and inserted into the Keno card-holder on the table. The back of the note looks like it’s torn from … Continued

Dearest 01

I was away for the summer while my roommates stayed in the apartment because they were taking summer classes and/or were working. Apparently this love letter was typed up, sealed in an envelope, and left at my room’s outside door. Now, I am 99.999% sure it wasn’t intended for me. Besides that, there was a … Continued