Blocks of Scariness

Hubby and I go to the ZigZag Inn a lot for pizza; we’re locals. Lots of tourists and skiers and such come through there on their way up to Mt. Hood. We found this note folded and inserted into the Keno card-holder on the table. The back of the note looks like it’s torn from … Continued

More Later!

We found this on the way to the store to buy food. It must have been dropped just before we saw it- it had been raining off and on but the paper was dry when we picked it up.

Dude Man

I found this at the Sundance Natural Foods bulletin board.

Sadistic Global Studies

Found this list on the door step of my shop. Hope its not a current employee.

See You in Court

I found this gem on my front door step. Somebody, somewhere is very confused.

I Hate You Very Much

I found this card on the steps of a church in down town Eugene, ironically a couple days after I broke up with my then-girlfriend.

Let’s Hung Out Together

I found this on my friend’s fridge. Her housemate found it six years ago in a university dining hall. I love that her roommate has been carrying this around for six years, knowing how special it is, just waiting for a motivated person with a scanner to share it with y’all.

Jonny’s Lunch Choices

I found this in the lunchroom of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I think I would be a very different person if my mom left notes in my lunch like Jonny’s mom does.

Remember My Promise

This note was found neatly folded on the stairs in my high school.

Dear Toni

Aiden (age 8) found this letter inside a book called “Quakes” in the library at the Village Free School. He is searching for the person who wrote the letter, so far, no luck.