Enough to Be Famous

I found this folded up under a flower pot at a local coffee shop. I don’t know how to upload the other side at the same time, it appears to be possible, but I don’t know how. On the other side it says: “Do not read unless you are Lenny. If you not Lenny, please … Continued

Playing with Matches?

I found this photo at a garage sale from a guy who said he used to work at a photo lab and would occasionally print doubles of crazy pictures that came through. This was his favorite photo he ever copied. It raises a lot of questions.

What I Want in a Guy

There are six pages with writing in this spiral notebook (with the cover “Orient’e – Authentic Oriental, Made in Japan”), none of which look like they were done by the same person. Following a first page that simply says, “Mike’s Phylosiphy”, and several blank pages interspersed with a crossed out grocery list and a page … Continued

Aye Caramba

I was at Wal-Mart one day using the Kodak photo machine, and someone had left this photo in the scanner. I loved it so much, I paid for it so I could take it home. I like how everyone in the picture is frowning except the kid in the middle riding the horse. It never … Continued

Gorilla Love

I found this while hiking with about 15 other photos from the same roll of film. This was one of my favorites.

Blocks of Scariness

Hubby and I go to the ZigZag Inn a lot for pizza; we’re locals. Lots of tourists and skiers and such come through there on their way up to Mt. Hood. We found this note folded and inserted into the Keno card-holder on the table. The back of the note looks like it’s torn from … Continued

More Later!

We found this on the way to the store to buy food. It must have been dropped just before we saw it- it had been raining off and on but the paper was dry when we picked it up.

Dude Man

I found this at the Sundance Natural Foods bulletin board.

Sadistic Global Studies

Found this list on the door step of my shop. Hope its not a current employee.

See You in Court

I found this gem on my front door step. Somebody, somewhere is very confused.