Thanks for the Lies

I found this on a counter at Zellers. I wonder what incriminating objects Krista-Lynn found in the recipient’s things.


Found while walking home one day.

Adil’s Idea of Storytelling

I used this quote in an ESL presentation about children’s writing. I’ve saved it since 1996.

A Retirement Home Is Not a Nightclub

I live in a retirement home that also has students living here too (I’m one of the students). One night some students were playing music in the student floor lounge and some guy who was staying in one of the bed and breakfast rooms came in and yelled at them. Then he left this note.

Flameing Sowerd of Darkness

I was having a particularly bad morning – got up late, got toothpaste all over the front of my shirt, etc, etc… I was running through the park in the rain and I passed by a note on the ground. I decided to turn back to go see what it was and I found this … Continued

Kind Soul

This is one part of a double-sided letter between two friends, found on the floor in my Hebrew class. Each side seems to be responding to the other, though I can’t tell what order it’s in.

Try New York

I found this note in the front left pocket of a pair of jeans I was trying on at the Bootlegger in the Burlington Mall. Oddly enough I had just been considering the idea of taking a trip to New York with a friend of mine. I don’t know what the # 28 represents though.

Sticky Note

Found folded up on a counter in our studio this morning. I wonder what it was originally attached to.

Flying Keys

This was in a music reflection book I found on the playground. The kid is just so good at expressing his wants!