Anthony Blew It

My mother’s boyfriend found this one for me on the street near his house.

One Inspiring Friend

I found this one near a high school on my way back from the mall. I was kind of sad to find it, as it seemed to me that either Jazzmyn wasn’t as thrilled about receiving such a glowing note as I would have been, or she did love it and now she’s bummed that … Continued

Exit Storehouse

I found this photo in a junk shop that is home to all sorts of the strangest things. This photo caught my eye and I just had to keep it.

Bird Of Paradise

Found this in the front cover of the book “A Practical Guide to Unemployment Insurance.”

Emergency Piano Lesson

Just how urgent can a piano lesson be, I wonder? I also wonder if she came up with a better excuse for ditching school. You can see where she practiced forging her mother’s signature on the back.

Who Are You?

I found this in a basket of scrap paper at the local library, which makes me think it was written to be found.


I found this label in my apartment’s laundry room, in a garbage can, stuck to an empty beer case.

Reading List

Our local library issues printed receipts for checked-out books, complete with due dates.