To the Bigot Upstairs

This is the last of a series of notes that were left on the inside of the main door of my apartment building. Previous notes included:  To whom it may concern: The same to you,  To whom it may concern: Who pulls your strings? and  To whom it may concern: You are … Continued

I Need a Nap

I found this in an abandoned house near where I live. There are piles and piles of photographs throughout the house, but unfortunately most of them are badly water damaged. I took only this one, to send to FOUND. The date on the back says 1959.


One of my friends found this walking through the band locker hallway… complete with a sword.

Osama Bin Gilbie

I had stopped at the gas station to fill up. And I pulled the nozzle out from the pump, and out came this piece of paper. It landed on my right on shoe. When I opened it up I think I peed myself a little. Enjoy the pic, me and my buddies did!!!

The Twins

I’m always coming across lost things where I work — including the sweatshirt I’m wearing right now. Well, I found that yesterday. Today’s find was from the floor outside my room. I call it, “The Twins”. I believe it’s from an instant camera.

Mu = Dumbo

If the original problem involves a huge spring pushing an apple crate up a skateboarding ramp, is an elephant acting as a resisting force all that far off?

Big Time Yuppies

I work in my local library where this little beauty was found. We check each book that is returned for damage, loose papers, etc. This tiny piece of paper was used as a bookmark. Its message: concise but completely baffling. Its message: profound. The snack of bagel bites and filet mignon sounds tasty! Ummm, am … Continued

I’m The Boss Bitch

This was slipped under our door on the last day of finals at Heidelberg College. We have no idea who it is from, who wrote the reply, or why it was given to us. I especially like how they wish the “loud music playing man” a great summer.

See You in Future

I found this letter (assumedly written by an international student) tucked in an anthology of Holocaust literature at my college library.

Personal Legend

I found this post-it note a few months ago and I have been carrying it around in my bag ever since. Every once in a while I re-find it and I am so excited for the encouraging message!