Romantically Attractive

Noticed this scrap of paper on the sidewalk and thought it was too great to not show someone! Love makes the whole world look better?

Piano Man, Part II

After poring through my archives, I found the companion photo photo for “Piano Man,” which was Find of the Day for Nov. 10, 2006. This appears to be part of some play, where the young man in the previous photo was impressing the ladies with his piano chops. Here, he appears to be escorting one … Continued

I’ll Meet You at the Cemetery Gates

Lake View Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Cleveland– it has such wonderful art throughout. People like President James Garfield, Eliot Ness and John D. Rockefeller are buried there. My favorite memorial is the angel that sits near the Haserot family plot (). I was just visiting there this weekend when I … Continued


Found on the floor of a bathroom before I interviewed for a position as an editor at a magazine.


Found a wallet Friday night as I was riding my bike home from work. It looked picked over and I almost didn’t stop. It’s the black velcro kind with a picture of a deer on the front. There was no ID inside, only $1, a wad of newspaper ads for tractors and a handful of … Continued


I found this in the hallway of my high school on my way home a few days ago.


I walked into my English class the other day and found a notebook full of notes. This was the front page. The size of the OK is a sign of major enthusiasm.

Granny Crush

At my place of business, we have an enter-to-win ballot box that I clean out once a week. This was written on the back of one of the entry forms. Don’t do it, Granny. He’s just trying to get in your will.


I found this list at Wal-Mart. Should I have worn gloves when I picked it up, or do I just watch too many crime drama shows?