Signed, Mr./Mrs.”X”

Found on our apartment door the morning after a party. It must have been one hell of a party.

Piano Man

I found this photo in the late 70s. It was in a box of papers that was being pitched out (we were cleaning up a practice space at Kenyon College). I’ve always wondered what character the Piano Guy was playing.

The Neighbor’s Dog

Just when I thought the world was out of things to be found, I discovered this beauty in my local park. The dog looks like a terrier.

Metro Wheel

Found on our walk to work.

A Simple Request

Found in the cafeteria at work alongside said “purse” on top of freezer. The purse turned out to be a nice sack with someone’s microwave dinners in it. Even knowing that, many questions remain, mostly dealing with the author’s sanity.

Glamour Shot

My kids and I were sitting in the grass near a parking lot eating ice cream and we found this picture. Even my 5-year old though it was bizarre and laughed, “why is this baby holding two apples?”