With Sincere Appreciation


FOUND by Jan Mundo at the corner of 79th Street and York Avenue, New York City, New York

This letter of appreciation was taped to a streetlight pole on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Because greeting cards and hand-written notes aren’t commonly seen posted in the city (they’re taken down by law), it caught my attention. I read the note, which seemed as if it had been written by an elderly person, then went on my way. After half a block, I turned around after half a block to go back and snap a pic. The writer’s public expression of thanks moved me. (The offending manhole cover, which is set a few inches lower than street level) has still not been fixed — in case that part is difficult to read.)

I Will Get You So Pregnant


FOUND by Dave Krugman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

I was walking along Metropolitan Avenue to meet some friends for a patio beer. This note blew across my path. It was folded in two, and I thought there might be a note written inside. Turned out there was!

I found it to be both mysterious and hilarious– written with a lyrical pace in two different colors. It made my day. Earlier I found five bucks on the ground, but this was the find with true value.

Miss America


FOUND by Polly Sugartree in Chelsea, New York City, New York

One glum sunless Chelsea morning I was huffing it up 10th Avenue. A light mist was falling. The sidewalk was littered with dog poop, which I was masterfully avoiding in towering high heels. Then SHAZAM, mid hop-skip-jump this stunning photo strip, was nearly crushed under my gilded toe, caught my eye. I dare say it was love at first sight.

I picked up the photo strip, brushed it off, and have adored it and the stunning creature captured (Miss America) for the past 3 days this has been in my possession.