Can’t Drink at Dagger’s

I found this two-sided note in the gutter one sunny wintery morning, just outside the bar Dagger’s mentioned on the note. It’s a systematic run-down of all of the things that suck in this person’s life, complete with handwriting that goes all to hell over the course of the enumeration. Here I thought I was … Continued

Lick It Up, Baby

I found this wedged in a used copy of “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” that I ordered from Amazon. The erased word in the middle is “hipsters.”

Guest Check

This was found this in a pair of pants purchased from a thrift store.

Experience vs. Curiosity

There are lots of things I like about this find. Certainly, the fact that #1 and #2 seem so totally unrelated, but even more so, the definitions! It might be a little work to follow the writing but it is worth it.

I Will Find a Way

Years ago, I knew a mentally handicapped fellow that would walk by my home almost daily. One day I went for the mail and found this lying on my driveway. I was moved with sadness for him because I knew he wanted to share his frustration with someone… but who could understand or do anything … Continued


Last summer, while crossing College and Yonge Streets, I looked over at a phone booth. There was something red on top of it and I went to investigate. I’d assumed it was an address book until I opened it up to find a letter written inside of a coiled notebook with a fuzzy bell on … Continued

Meeting a Woman; A Cheat Sheet!

I found this at the bar that I worked at in college after we closed. To this day, I wonder what the other “missions” were, and if I had met this fellow.

I Love Nutz & Butz

Some co-workers found this in the middle of a legal pad at work, but I’m the only one who thought it was worth saving. It cracks me up every time I read it.

Extremely Urgent

I found this while walking our dog a few months ago. To me this seems to be the nonsensical ramblings of a person suffering from paranoid delusions. Perhaps it is secret FBI code. In any case, the handwriting is nice.

Quotes from Dev’s Mind

I found a green spiral notebook that had various notes and unsent letters. The letters and notes chronicle Devon’s summer camp experience in 1997. The find I’m sending you is one of the tabbed dividers in the notebook. Dennis Rodman is cool!