FOUND by John Woodley Park, Washington, DC

I found this post-it note on the sidewalk next to the playground at the Aidan Montessori School in Woodley Park, Washington, DC. I imagine the note is related to a classroom activity where letters are converted to piano notes, and maybe a student passed this note to a friend when they realized that their name is pretty when translated into piano notes.

Dear Stranger


FOUND by Bethany at University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I found this cute little note in the ladies bathroom on Valentine’s Day. I went to reach for a paper towel, and there it was, stuck to the dispenser. Obviously someone wanted to make a stranger smile. It worked! I smiled the rest of the day.

Never Expected Perfection


FOUND by Christopher in Covina, California

I bought a vinyl copy of Movin’ With Nancy by Nancy Sinatra at a thrift store a few months ago. When I went to play the album I found this letter inside a little envelope, addressed to Mary from Sam. I wonder if Sam gave Mary this album and if she listened to it with her family. I also wonder what parental problem Mary was having and what they did when they met at noon.

And to Many More


FOUND by J. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

So, there is, in fact a story attached to this and it involves you!
I had never heard of FOUND before, but I’ve always liked to collect other people’s old stuff. So, when I was browsing through the used bookstore and found the attached card, I held onto it (even though I didn’t want to purchase the book it had been in). As I continued my browsing, I came across a very interesting looking book. It was large, brightly colored and appeared to be covered in notes. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but I figured I’d find out later, it was too fascinating to pass up (I’m a compulsive book buyer and can’t walk buy a unique looking book. Even if I have no idea what it’s about). I slipped the card into it and continued my shopping.
I purchased my stack of books and took them home to discover what wonders they held. You can imagine my delight when realizing that I had unwittingly stumbled upon a book dedicated to a weird little quirk I thought I alone had. So, that is how I found FOUND and this card came to me on the same day.

Thank you so much for making me feel less creepy and also giving me my fix of FOUND!

A Valuable Coupon Sheet


FOUND by Anton Zanker in the street outside my apartment

I’m not sure exactly what “VOID” means in this case. Does it mean that they have already been used? Or does it mean that they are no longer valid? Maybe they had an expiration date or something. Or he made her mad at some point and she scribbled “VOID” on it out of spite. “Fer cripes sake woman, shut yer trap! I’m trying to play Halo!” Poor guy.