Why We Are Best Friends

I was extremely happy to find one of my favorite books, Dancer by Colum McCann, at a Goodwill. I was even more excited to find this list folded within the pages. The author only made it to #28, but nonetheless I thought the listed reasons, like “your hugs and squezzes,” “warm vibe,” and “endless eyes,” … Continued

Friendship Soup

Found stuck between the Frango Mints boxes on display at Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) on State Street in Chicago a few days before Christmas.


Found this tucked away in a used copy of “The Martian Chronicles” I picked up the other day for a quarter.

Have a Great Show!

I found this on my way home from class the other day. I thought it was adorable.

The Stranger

I discovered this photo inside a 1974 folio edition of “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, bought for 50 cents at a used book store. The quality is the same as photos I took and developed in my home darkroom when I was in highschool. I hope the person will recognize himself and write to explain … Continued

Just a Little Happy for You

A customer left this at the customer service desk where I work. He left so fast I couldn’t catch up to him. But at least he found a pair of jeans for Mary.

Loved That Coat

Found in the pocket of a jacket returned to the store.

A Valuable Coupon Sheet

I’m not sure exactly what “VOID” means in this case. Does it mean that they have already been used? Or does it mean that they are no longer valid? Maybe they had an expiration date or something. Or he made her mad at some point and she scribbled “VOID” on it out of spite. “Fer … Continued