Stupid, Stupid, and Stupid

I found this in Brooklyn Heights, it was part of a handmade poetry book written by five-year-old children at school.

Pinin’ for the Fjords

My husband found this Polaroid on the street. We’re not sure if the objects surrounding the bird are candles, corks or perhaps wooden pegs.

Precious NYC

I found this on a seat on the uptown number 1 train. There was another find next to it but the writing was a lot more subversive. It said stuff like, “Allah Sucks Dick.” I left it alone. Although this find appeared to be written by the same person, it’s more endearing.

92nd Floor

I found this on September 11th, 2001.

Good Doggie

My boyfriend found this great Polaroid on the street in NYC a few months back.

Because I’m Illegal

It seems even the trash cans are neater on the Upper East Side. I found this stack of torn pages from a teenage diary placed delicately on top, no rooting required. This prep school girl partied a lot more than I ever did in high school, and her diary reads like the portrait of the … Continued

I’m A Pew

I found this outside of a gym in Williamsburg. Instant laugh. Got my attention. Might have bought the pew if it were there still.

That Dance Last Night Was Like the Best Ever

So this is my favorite diptych ever. They were a block apart on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. I can see it now. Photos warm and damp from the developer, looking for that shot of him and his girl and whoops, there’s a thumb shot. A couple OK ones, and then, damn, another thumb, no wait, … Continued