Prayerful and Patriotic Homage to Barack Obama

I found this on a bench while waiting for the Lexington Ave. subway. It’s so carefully crafted and the sentiment rings so true, that I had to pick it up. Oddly, it’s drawn on the back of a truck driver’s pay stub, which I think somehow adds to the authentic feel of it. My girlfriend … Continued


I promise that I did not take this off a wall or telephone pole; I actually found it lying on the ground and there were no others to be found anywhere.

All of You Suck

A friend found this on his dormroom door the day he was moving out.


I found this on the floor of the F train heading to Brooklyn. This guy must be from the future or something.

Fat Joe vs. 50 Cent

So I just got a letter sent to my office addressed to Fat Joe, via his publicist. Unfortunately, they got the address wrong, and it wound up in my hands.

Puppy Love

Found this on top of a music listening station while shopping at FAO Swartz, in the basement baby section. If UNO loves me, the world is still good.

Halls of a Hospital

I am fascinated with psychiatrics in the 1960′s – this picture has the pristine darkness of a hospital hallway while a lobotomy is being performed. I found it in a big file suitcase dumped in front of an 8th ave building in Brooklyn, one night on my way home from work. There were immigration cards, … Continued

God Speed

Living off 242nd Street, I spend a lot of time on the 1 train. Recently, I was coming back uptown when this popped out at me. It was slid into the plastic covers of the overhead advertisements.