Tiger Snuggle

I found this photo on my way to work a couple of years ago. I love how the woman is snuggling with the stuffed tiger so lovingly.


I found this index card in a library book at my school. I don’t really understand what it means, especially the last line “stay pregnant with me.”

I Am in Great Peril

I was at a party last night up on the roof top of the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street last night. My friends and I decided to hit the lounge bar on the 3rd floor. So, we took the elevator down to the 3rd floor and when walking to the bar there was this open … Continued

It Hasn’t Been Easy

Found this a couple years ago in a book (Hunter Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels”) that I picked up somewhere… garage sale… ex-girlfriend… who knows. It’s at least ten years old but probably closer to twenty. I mailed it to the address on the card with a note but have had no response. Been trying to work … Continued

How Dare You

I’ve been hoping to find something like this since I first read FOUND in a Madison bar many years ago. I think the letter speaks for itself, and I hope it repays some of the chuckles I’ve had from this site over the years.