My Behavior

Robyn found this in the parking lot outside of work, where lots of kids walk home from school daily.


I found this not too far from a school, and I assume it is part of a larger paper or project. This kid really thinks stuff isn’t fair. Welcome to life.

Skies the Limit

Found this in the women’s restroom in the airport after a long flight.

Even Cowboys Get the Blues

I found this card in a stack of cards at a gay cowboy bar. It was the only one with a message written on it.

No Holes Barred

This was found on my roommate’s car late at night near a creepy porn shop. We have wanted to call the number for a long time but have been a little afraid. I just called the number and asked the gentleman if he was a escort service. He said, “What?” I repeated the question and … Continued

Signs of Aging

Found in an M&Ms box at the Las Vegas Walgreens check out counter.


I found this walking on the strip in Las Vegas. It seems like there could be more pages to this, maybe before? I imagine “boo-Chie” is a woman who’s upset with her love. Maybe they were going to get married in Vegas, but then there were doubts after they lost tons of money gambling to … Continued


Found on a shelf in the Las Vegas Super Wal-Mart’s hardware department.