For having such deep regrets, this small person has very good handwriting.

Reid Kids Smell Like Cheese

I found this after I overheard my little sisters talking about the upcoming school year. Apparently my one younger sister (the older of the two) had some crucial advice for her younger sibling.

Talk To Her

I found this on top of a blue newspaper recycling bin on the CTA Blue Line El stop at Oak Park Avenue. It was a few days before Christmas.

Windshield Confession

I found this on the windshield of my car one morning. I thought it was a parking ticket I hadn’t noticed the night before, but I was wrong. I have no idea who in my apartment complex left it or who this could be, but I do remember there used to be a silver BMW … Continued

Thor Wants To

We found this on a bench on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. I hope she was happy with the decision she made.

Magical Moment

I found this while taking a walk near my house. What I think it says: Mr. Lehan: – how is he doing back on meds – know about incident w/ Marco – honorable mention for reflections thing – what did he do – magical moment The handwriting reminds me of my mother’s, so when I … Continued