This was found by my dad, who is a security guard in a retirement community. He thinks it might be written by a woman living there who brings them ‘treats’ (cookies, etc.) accompanied by her dog. -Patricia

Radio Ghost

I love a passive-aggressive note with a question that is rhetorical. “Has someone left a radio playing?” “Yes.” Sure it was probably pretty inconsiderate of that person, but this note is just lame. I think it was left by the little old lady who had the landlord cut down over 40 fifty year old trees … Continued


I found this note in the hallway of my friends apartment complex in Las Vegas. We were both a little drunk and enjoyed the word “probally” very much. I was tempted to knock on random doors, but then thought better of it..

Dear Friend

I found this in the parking lot of the Relax the Back.

Friendly Reminder

I know the neighbors are into guns. But finding this while out raking our front yard is … sort of ridiculous. Especially if they need to write notes to remember the shotgun!

Community Building

My friend Holly found this note on her car. Consequently, she left a note for him as well.