The Vince Gill Shirt


FOUND by Todd Gastelum in Nashville, Tennessee

Sifting through old papers, I rediscovered this note, which I originally found posted on a bulletin board at a gay bar in Nashville in 1997. It is written on the back of a photocopied flyer for a retail store named OUTLOUD! Books & Gifts for Our Entire Community. (Check out our new video rental section!) At the time, it just seemed funny that someone would pin this to a corkboard in a bar. Now, 15 years later, it just seems sad and desperate and so … retro, in this age of Craigslist and smartphone apps specifically designed to work better than serendipity. I enjoy how directly the writer communicates his offer; it seems odd, however, that he wishes the reader good luck when it is he, David, who obviously needs it.



FOUND by Travis in Nashville, Tennessee

I bought a used copy of U2′s “Joshua Tree” on vinyl at a local record store and found this little note inside. I don’t know if Jeff ever found Emily’s proclamation of love, but it now has a spot of honor on our refrigerator. I think lusty thoughts each time I see it.