I Will Stay Seated

I found this at the women’s locker room at Vanderbilt’s gym in Nashville. When I found this, all I wanted to do was run around and around.

You Dick / Shut Up

Found taped to the inside of one of our production trucks. From the flip side looks like this originated from Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona


I bought a used copy of U2′s “Joshua Tree” on vinyl at a local record store and found this little note inside. I don’t know if Jeff ever found Emily’s proclamation of love, but it now has a spot of honor on our refrigerator. I think lusty thoughts each time I see it.

Man Boobs

I found this in the English hallway of my high school last year. And I go to an academic magnet school. I hope this kid passed his test!

It Hide My Fear

This is a comment card found at an an outsider art show.