A Love Unrequited

Found in the mail at the Ranger Station where I work.

Social Club Apology

My friend was living with his grandmother at this adult retirement community. He came home one evening to find this note in the door. What on earth happened at that Social Club meeting?

And Anellese Backed Up

Poor Anellese, I wonder why she’s “backed up” and why Ron needs to know about it.

Things To Do

I found this list on the floor in an aisle at Tuesday Morning, the store that I work for. I was so excited that I finally found something worth sending in!

Splenda User

I found this in a bathroom on campus. There was no pencil attached but there were other similar postings around the walls of the bathroom with Splenda packets taped to them.

Somebody Needs to Make This

A coworker of mine came into work a week ago with some Agatha Christie paperbacks that he’d picked up at a church fundraiser. Inside one of the novels– I think it was “A Caribbean Mystery”– was this rather alarming (to my tastebuds, at least) index card. Particularly endearing is the giant “degree” symbol accompanying the … Continued

Do Right Now

Here’s one of the notes that have been slipped through the mail slot in my door for years and years. They’d stopped for awhile and then I got three more within a week. No idea who this person is.

Important Notice

My friend Matt found this on a bulletin board just inside a Kroger store here in Parkersburg in late February 2003. There’s just so much to work with here… the bizarre phrasing, the seemingly pointless underlining, the sad desperation… Just who is this “daughter?” An actual relative? A former lover? A stalking victim? Funny thing … Continued

What He Is Capable of Doing

This note was found in a lecture theatre in my college. It’s somewhat sinister – especially due to the immensely teen girlish writing.