I Will Get You So Pregnant


FOUND by Dave Krugman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

I was walking along Metropolitan Avenue to meet some friends for a patio beer. This note blew across my path. It was folded in two, and I thought there might be a note written inside. Turned out there was!

I found it to be both mysterious and hilarious– written with a lyrical pace in two different colors. It made my day. Earlier I found five bucks on the ground, but this was the find with true value.

Your Rooster Shirt


FOUND by Alyssa P. outside the office building

What it says: This is for you. So I want you to keep it. I also want you to know that I would of been the same regardless of what you do – if you didn’t still wear a uniform. I just want you to know it was who you are that drove me crazy, not what you do. Things like your rooster shirt, speaking in a British accent, saying you like my hands, dancing with me, how you rub my neck, morning kisses, listening to me and actually caring/giving me advice and your outlook, positive & of course – manly. I instantly feel more like a woman and safe with you. So just know

Thoughts: Why did she feel like she had to insert “still”? Why did she cross out “I just want you to know”? Can you have a “manly” outlook? I just wish I had page 2.

Message in a Flashlight


FOUND by Holly P. in Central Wisconsin’s bog country

The basic story is this: I found this message rolled up inside a flashlight in a deserted patch of woods near my home. The area is not well traveled–pretty much me and one older woman, as we both walk our dogs through there. I’ve only visited there once since finding the flashlight with the message. Guess I don’t want to find out who Joey is!