The Island of Dowul


FOUND by Mark R. in Clearwater, FL

“Got this National Geographic map of the state of Florida, dated January 1978, from my in-laws when we moved to the sunshine state a few years ago. They found it at Clearwater Public Library in the Friends Book and Gift Store for fifty cents. The map has been up on a hallway wall ever since. Noticed what we call “The Island of Dowul” some time ago, written in light black ink, southeast of Saint Augustine, about thirty miles offshore. Why did someone write this? And what might be there?” -Mark

I Will Get You So Pregnant


FOUND by Dave Krugman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

I was walking along Metropolitan Avenue to meet some friends for a patio beer. This note blew across my path. It was folded in two, and I thought there might be a note written inside. Turned out there was!

I found it to be both mysterious and hilarious– written with a lyrical pace in two different colors. It made my day. Earlier I found five bucks on the ground, but this was the find with true value.