Call To Action

FOUND by Gina Rodriguez

On the corner of LaGuardia and Bleecker, I spotted a photocopy of this call to action tucked under the windshield of a parked van. Then I stepped on yet another copy lying face-down in the crosswalk. I had to take it with me. New York City has been flooded with protests and demands for justice on behalf of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. But this letter seems to have come from a parallel world, or a book of historical fantasy, where the royals, not those suffering at the bottom, need to see justice done.

Gun Control


FOUND by Jason Feifer in The East Village, New York City, New York

I picked a little pad up off the street in the East Village on Saturday — the day after the horrible school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut — and opened to find this page. Not entirely sure of the message, but I’m going to just hope it’s in support of gun control, and against killing drugged out ninjas in dresses on skis.

Message in a Flashlight


FOUND by Holly P. in Central Wisconsin’s bog country

The basic story is this: I found this message rolled up inside a flashlight in a deserted patch of woods near my home. The area is not well traveled–pretty much me and one older woman, as we both walk our dogs through there. I’ve only visited there once since finding the flashlight with the message. Guess I don’t want to find out who Joey is!

Lil Sure Shot


FOUND by Justin Burch inside a copy of Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding LP

A couple of years ago I was thumbing through a bargain bin at a local record store and found a mono pressing of Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding. I was thinking, score!!! Little did I know that the real gem wasn’t this beat up copy of a Bob Dylan record, but was a mysterious letter hidden inside. It contains all the makings of a great drama. Depression, unrequited love and a possible shootout in the end!

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