Some One, or Myself

My boyfriend works in a supermarket and keeps finding these notes tucked in the shelves.

In a Sue Book

My mother found this journal entry when she was clearing out our basement.


Found crumpled in a ball beside a garbage can.

Dad’s Gone

Found this under my car windscreen-wiper on my way home from work.

It Was a Good Day

I found this in the hallways of my high school two years ago.

Is This the Lobster?

This was found on the city information sign outside of the Malt Shop downtown. The death may have been induced by seafood allergies, pincers of mass destruction, or a severe case of lobsterusphobius resulting in heart failure.

That Box

This note was flapping down the beach by the North Avenue pier. I was with Nicole and Claire. It was a clear, windy day- Thursday May 11, 2000. This note is written on the back of a blue piece of stationary from a Secretarial-Bookkeeping Service in Kansas City. Of all the cryptic, inexplicable phrased I … Continued

Dear Santa

My friends Corey, Emily and I found this in our 11th grade Social Studies class. If this kid gets his way, Christmas might not be the same next year. I hope he got the boat and the hair remover.

Call to Action

On the corner of LaGuardia and Bleecker, I spotted a photocopy of this call to action tucked under the windshield of a parked van. Then I stepped on yet another copy lying face-down in the crosswalk. I had to take it with me. New York City has been flooded with protests and demands for justice … Continued

Message in a Bottle

Dear Found Magazine, First, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for the permanent crook that I now have in my neck from scouring the landscape. We live on the beach; all kinds of things wash up. This note was found this morning by my husband while he and Stella the dog were … Continued