Here’s a barf bag I found on the plane from Manchester, New Hampshire to Philly.

A Real Little Scot

Wal-Mart used to have a little plastic box that said FOUND PHOTOS. We used to take the ones that looked interesting. Here is one of my favorites. The back reads “A Real Little Scot.”

Acid Family

My lover, Michelle, found an interesting toolbox at a garage sale. When she opened it, there were slides inside. She asked the man running the sale about them. He said he bought the box at a garage sale the previous year, but never ended up using it. Michelle bought the case, kept the slides, and … Continued

Don’t Show Mom

Back in the day, my father had two main hobbies: garage sale-ing and stamp collecting. The way that these two hobbies manifested themselves in combination was when my dad would go to an estate sale (meaning someone has died), he would purchase the deceased’s collection of letters. He then would browse for any stamps of … Continued

Just Fake Her Handwriting

I work for a touring puppet company and, as a result, often spend time in elementary schools. I found this note on the cafeteria floor where we’d set up our stage for an afternoon show. I’m guessing this is either a rough draft of a forgery, or that Mrs. Hernandez needs to brush up on … Continued

This Is All I Had

This note was found on the walkways of Vancouver. Someone was lucky and got some cash from mom to get their mop trimmed.

Superstar Mama

I’m sure the Superstar Mama who lost this purple Post-it from her child misses it. These are the kinds of things we save from our children because they are so precious, and they get us through the periods when they hate us!