I found this walking to the car the morning after a New Year’s Eve party.


Someone left this on the counter at my work (a dollar store). I guess Dad needed a separate list. And a pinata.


I was checking the mailbox today and found this on the ground. Apparently, someone before me found it just as amusing as I did. Virginia Tech graduation was two weeks ago and I really hope that this guy wasn’t one of my fellow graduates.

I, Realman

I live near a middle school and high school, and I’m sort of afraid to think that this note was probably generated by one of the high schoolers. My favorite misspelling? “butfile” for what I presume to be “beautiful.” I think this child was left behind.

Groshery Lissed

You probably get a lot of these, but this is my first submission, so I’m gonna do it anyway.

My Birthday Gift

Somehow threatening letters with bad spelling are always the work of a true psycho.

It Hide My Fear

This is a comment card found at an an outsider art show.

I Need

Me and my mom went to the laundromat one day and looked at the bulletin board. We were surprised to find this.