Found this in my dorm. I’m really not sure what it means, but I love that it’s on an apple Post-it.

Rard Sale

Found in the Montrose neighborhood. Take note of the carefully-measured lines drawn for character placement.

Asid Meldle Fire Ruber Super Rocks

Found on the ground at the elementary school where I am a teacher. A note some kid wrote to himself about the amazing “super sut” he wanted to make. I feel bad that I have his blueprints; I hope he can remember it and see his dreams realized.

Legs by Athenia

Got locked out of my room; while searching my pocket for my card, found this blue face down.

Bless There Soul

I found this near the scanner in my school newspaper’s room. I don’t know what context it’s in, but I love the misspellings, all those ellipses, and the random trace of someone’s hand.

Bizzie Is Loved

I found this Valentine at work in the copy room.

Playground Love

Found on the playground of my old school.

Unrequited Love

I found this gem while I was on a walk during my lunch hour. It raises a few assumptions about Jack: -He is about 8 or 9 years old -His target is either devastated at losing her first love note or possibly indifferent at the loss -I think it is statistically probable that the love … Continued