No One Is White Power

This is a little neighbor dispute I found on the sidewalk on my walk home from dinner.

Lick You

I was about one-third into a library copy of the first FOUND book when this note fell from between the pages.


Found this a few years ago in the hallway of my high school. It seemed to sum up high school politics pretty well, and I liked that it was in cursive.

Dotted with Hearts

I found this note on the floor in New Bedford High School– I was walking to class, saw it folded up on the ground, and picked it up. The irony of the dotted-heart i’s and the depressed tone of the note make it very surreal to me.

Get Your Shit Together

I found this to-do list. Sounds like someone’s feeling stressed. Also, there might be a missed opportunity with Kevin and that Asian chilli sauce…


This was one of two crumpled sheets of paper I found in an otherwise empty trashcan at the back of an old hardware store. The other sheet was covered with hearts and had “I love my dog. I love you God.”


Found this in my dorm. I’m really not sure what it means, but I love that it’s on an apple Post-it.

Rard Sale

Found in the Montrose neighborhood. Take note of the carefully-measured lines drawn for character placement.

Asid Meldle Fire Ruber Super Rocks

Found on the ground at the elementary school where I am a teacher. A note some kid wrote to himself about the amazing “super sut” he wanted to make. I feel bad that I have his blueprints; I hope he can remember it and see his dreams realized.