On My Blue Jens

I found this, along with many other interesting things, at my high school. It is still unclear to me exactly the first line means, but I’m glad she included illustrations. Maybe she thinks she’s a diva. Who knows?

No One Is White Power

This is a little neighbor dispute I found on the sidewalk on my walk home from dinner.

Lick You

I was about one-third into a library copy of the first FOUND book when this note fell from between the pages.


Found this a few years ago in the hallway of my high school. It seemed to sum up high school politics pretty well, and I liked that it was in cursive.

Dotted with Hearts

I found this note on the floor in New Bedford High School– I was walking to class, saw it folded up on the ground, and picked it up. The irony of the dotted-heart i’s and the depressed tone of the note make it very surreal to me.

Get Your Shit Together

I found this to-do list. Sounds like someone’s feeling stressed. Also, there might be a missed opportunity with Kevin and that Asian chilli sauce…


This was one of two crumpled sheets of paper I found in an otherwise empty trashcan at the back of an old hardware store. The other sheet was covered with hearts and had “I love my dog. I love you God.”


Found this in my dorm. I’m really not sure what it means, but I love that it’s on an apple Post-it.

Rard Sale

Found in the Montrose neighborhood. Take note of the carefully-measured lines drawn for character placement.