Message in a Mexican Coke Bottle

This message was in a bottle that was bobbing in the waves. I like the comment “my dad is 7ft, my mom is anle”. The explanation about spelling problems made me realize that the mom is probably “anal”. I felt like maybe this young girl had tossed the bottle only to have me find it … Continued

Hello Kitty Confession

This caught my eye as I was riding along a bike path. The spelling mistake makes it even more sad.

Not Even Half Way

I came across this notebook paper at the Golden Gate Park.

Har Har

I found this at Ocean View Elementary School in Pismo Beach. I think we’d all like to give a note like this to someone.

Gin Sox

My boyfriend works at a rental car place and he has found everything left behind in cars, from iPods to this gem. He brings me the good finds and I generally post them on my fridge. This one seemed extra special, so we decided to send it in. It’s drawn on plain white paper, and … Continued

This Is So Crazy

I found this at my little brother’s elementary school on the playground, while playing in the woodchips by the tire swing.