Found this tucked away in a used copy of “The Martian Chronicles” I picked up the other day for a quarter.

The Web

Found in the hat section of costume shop.

Meeting a Woman; A Cheat Sheet!

I found this at the bar that I worked at in college after we closed. To this day, I wonder what the other “missions” were, and if I had met this fellow.

Asshole Parker

I found this note in a Target parking lot in St. Louis one afternoon. It was laying on the ground between two cars, none of which were mine. I’m still trying to figure out if the writer of the note meant to call the bad parker an asshole twice or just forgot to put the … Continued

Robot Bathroom

I found this in the hallway at my old high school. I’m not sure I want to know what might have been the topic of conversation when this was written.


I found this stuck in the bushes of my front yard. I’m imagining some persnickety old woman passing it to a “young person” who had used more colorful language to describe said “BM.”

Get Your Life to Get There

Who says that picking up trash around the neighborhood doesn’t pay off? One 30-gallon bag and three blocks later, I had a rather entertaining read.

Apocalypse Suburbia

A few years ago while I was out running, I found a color negatives strip on a residential street. This one seemed to sum up the American suburban landscape experience pretty well. But, the damage to the negative makes it look downright apocalyptic.

Can Opener

I lived at an apartment building with a less-than-ideal parking situation when I found this, so these kinds of notes were common. But, I especially liked the imagery in this one.