Get Your Life to Get There

Who says that picking up trash around the neighborhood doesn’t pay off? One 30-gallon bag and three blocks later, I had a rather entertaining read.

Apocalypse Suburbia

A few years ago while I was out running, I found a color negatives strip on a residential street. This one seemed to sum up the American suburban landscape experience pretty well. But, the damage to the negative makes it look downright apocalyptic.

Can Opener

I lived at an apartment building with a less-than-ideal parking situation when I found this, so these kinds of notes were common. But, I especially liked the imagery in this one.

Drano Dinner

I found this list at the local grocery store. Sounds like New York is having a pretty good meal…until you get to the bottom of the list. Glad I wasn’t invited over for dinner.


I found this on the floor at a party.

The Scenery

I found this outside of the gym I go to. It looks like it was a note written on the back of a sticker-backing or something because it was split in half. What I found interesting is that down the road, there is really nothing to see.

Take Me Home

I found this while on a walk during a break from work.

Parking Notice

I woke up and found this. Amazingly, it’s very threatening and lovable at the same time.

Oh Crap

This was left over from a management conference. The topic of discussion at the time involved employee salary.