Bizzie Is Loved

I found this Valentine at work in the copy room.

Back OFF!

When we were looking for a place to sit in a crowded bar, we snatched a place just as two men were leaving. I picked up the happy hour menu to see what was offered and this note was on the back. We weren’t sure if the note was meant for us or not, but … Continued

Done A Lot Of Growing Lately

I work in the mail room of a small university. We occasionally get deliveries for people who are no longer here; in this case, it was a small bouquet of flowers. Alas, the intended recipient left, years ago.

Ceiling Treasure

I found this artifact while ripping down my old plaster ceiling in my house, which was built in 1922.

Things Could Be Worse

I found this while digging through my purse during class one day. I figure someone slipped it in there during school. It was really small, and said “Just a small reminder” on the front.

Die Die

I found this matchbook on 4th St. SE near the U. of M. East Bank. My guess is that somebody was trying to motivate himself into quitting smoking with this carefully crafted picture. Finding this half-used book abandoned could mean one of two things: either he succeeded in quitting or he broke down and bought … Continued

Your Car

I found this near an apartment building while I was walking my dog around Powderhorn Park. I am an avid cyclist so the ugly car note is my favorite.