Turn Down For What


FOUND by Ken in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Found this while walking to the store. It was lying by the sidewalk, across the street from a well-known (and LOUD) party house, at the intersection of Fuller & Fulton. Having just discovered your website a few days ago, I was pleased with this find. I’m scanning the ground like a dork every time I leave the house now.


(REBLOG from 2008)

Maybe Cubic Zirconean

List FOUND by Mary Liz at Meijer in Petoskey, MI
“My guess is that either someone was starting a new, healthy diet, or else someone’s kid was coming home from college for the holidays, requesting healthy foods — including Miralax! (Found right before Easter/Passover.) The very top reads [sic] “? Cubic Zirconean” and then it was crossed out.” -Mary Liz