Happy Monkey

I was wiping down tables at the coffee shop and found this note on the window ledge nearby. There are a number of couples and blind dates that meet at our shop. I guess romance is not dead, just left behind sometimes.

If You Want Your Shit Back

Found this in the hallway at my high school. Given that it’s a high school, it probably stemmed from a bad breakup. ‘Bitch ass dyke’ is now my favorite curse.

Pick Me

I found this on the Grand Valley State University campus the other day. Either L didn’t give the letter to the person it was intended for, or L wasn’t the one he picked. Either way, it is sad and interesting all at once.

Great Job Reading

I found this piece on the sidewalk about a quarter-mile from my daughter’s elementary school.

Old School

Found in a school abandoned circa 1984 in the Detroit metro area. This photo is from a Halloween assembly after-party. Now that’s old school!

Lion’s Snack

I walked into my composition class and this was on the floor. No one knew where it came from or who it belonged to. It’s an actual photograph, too.

It’s Not Really That Nice

I found this at Michigan State University under some bushes outside the Kresge Art Museum.


I have found that the more interesting finds I come across on my lunch hour are near a neighborhood school. Personally, I think Delorian could do better. Maybe someone who knows how to spell “model.”

Made Your Choice

Note found on sidewalk seems to be outlining what to say in an upcoming telephone conversation. Detroit circa 1988.

Love Me!

I found this business card on the ground on Main Street. Love Me!