Gypsy Moths

I found this on the ground next to a street sign in the town where I used to live. It looked like it was taped to the sign originally, like an ad. The author ran out of room near the bottom though and had to use the blue duck tape to complete this lovely piece.

Geeked Up

Found in a trigonometry classroom … oh, the irony.

No Vomit in Sink

I was visiting a company’s swanky modern office, and I found this in the bathroom. I immediately burst out laughing, and all sorts of images came into my head of a post-drink-binge-morning-after-run-to-bathroom-vomit (and not quite making it to the toilet). And the outrage and disgust of maintenance when they find the hurl in the sink. … Continued


I found this on a disc of pictures that someone left on my desk. I love the colors and the look on the cat’s face, as if to say “So, what are you going to do about it?” But, I don’t see a fish in the bowl; maybe the picture taker was too late!

Hank the Camel

Found this on yet another walk with the dog…. it took me back to my childhood when I was forced into photo ops that I’d rather never happened.

Blue Note

Found by my son Phillip, 6 years old, on the street while riding his bike.

Lick You

I was about one-third into a library copy of the first FOUND book when this note fell from between the pages.

Belly Dancers

I am the owner of the Cadieux Cafe. I found this picture while “urban spelunking” in the basement of the Cadieux. There were a bunch of pics which were water damaged, and while peeling them apart the belly dancers emerged. I peeled back an oval sticker and you can see the marks left, also the … Continued