Well, Howdy!

I was over from the UK visiting a friend and I found this on the pavement/sidewalk. Cow girl, horses, wagon wheels– just like I seen in the movies.

Sometime Hours Later

I found this after moving into a new house. It made me worried that I should call the landlord before there were any problems.

Ceep You Head Up

I found this in the bottom drawer of a dresser in an apartment I was cleaning out. It made me feel kind of sad.

You Know How I Worry

So we were on vacation and went up north to check out the Soo Locks. This note was on the sidewalk, in front of a bench where we stopped to watch the people in the “crowd” (i don’t think that a real crowd could ever gather in Sault Ste. Marie, it’s too far north, and … Continued

Squeeze My Cheeks

I found this while renovating our 100-year-old house. It was in the space under the stairs.

I Will Control Myself

This item was found on my front lawn on Cavalry, back around 1989-90. A student must have dropped this on his way home from school. There were three pages of this at one time: I sent two pages to friends, and I had the last copy framed.

Need Your Help About A Unicycle

These signs were posted all over the campus of Grand Valley State University last year. Every single one was hand-written in the same distinct handwriting. I wanted to snag one of the signs right away, but I couldn’t bare the thought of this person not finding their unicycle because I had taken down one of … Continued

Gypsy Moths

I found this on the ground next to a street sign in the town where I used to live. It looked like it was taped to the sign originally, like an ad. The author ran out of room near the bottom though and had to use the blue duck tape to complete this lovely piece.

Geeked Up

Found in a trigonometry classroom … oh, the irony.