Not Enough

I found this note in a little wooden box I bought at a flea market. It broke my heart because it looks like Katherine was crying while she wrote this– there are little tear stains on the paper. It also looks like this letter was read many, many times. The paper is torn like a … Continued

No More Visits

This strange ‘lost’ poster is on all the telegraph poles up our street at the moment.

The Same Lonely Person

This tiny post-it note was found stuck to a desk in the library at Uni. It sounds like a serious analysis until you read the poetic and rather depressing final line, when it then sounds like a script from a drama-filled CSI episode!

The Cat Ate It!

I found this card whilst helping with a carpet re-furb for a large hotel. I picked it up, read it and then threw it back on the floor before realising I had finally found something to post! I find it strange that it has been crossed out and “corrected” by what looks like adult hand … Continued


Found this old photo framed underneath the floor boards in my boyfriend’s old house … loved it then and still do. On the back is the stamp of the Army Barrack studio which it was taken.

Can We Talk PLEASE

Found on the floor of an office block in Melbourne Central.

Safe Sex

I found this one and I’m VERY pleased to make my first submission to FOUND!!

Memory Lane

This was lying outside my door this morning, no idea how it got there. A very familiar scene with a fitting backrdop.

Live Every Day

I found this stuck up on the wall of a gorgeous, old, eccentric woman’s apartment. As caretakers of the property in which she lived, my husband and I went in to clean up her apartment after she had died when we found this wonderful note.

Chunky Chick

I bought a typewriter from Savers on Sydney Road.