Tough Questions

I found this in the hallway, outside of my kindergarten classroom, just after a parent teacher conference in the fall of 2004. None of these questions were asked by any parents during the kindergarten conference. Weird.

Death and Smiles

Obviously a rough night … who was Hattie? What (or who) is GH? Are the blotches tears? What struck me most about this note is the smiley face at the end … maybe hope that things will get better?

Cycle of Anxiety

Recently, an addiction specialty psychiatrist (“No medications dispensed or stored on site”) opened in the storefront adjacent to the east end of the bridge. It is unclear if this was lost before or after her meeting, 12pm, Thursday, as it was found Friday morning.

Sad Sex Sleep Disorder

This card was found in an ashtray in the Copenhagen Airport. There were several other cards but they were mostly burned up.