Sex for One


FOUND by Antony in Bristol

We won this book in a charity raffle at a gig on Valentine’s Day, and I got a big cheer when I went up to collect it. I was even more pleased when we found this amazing dedication inside. At first I assumed it was a present from a creepy older guy to a woman he had designs on; but, when I read to the end and saw a woman’s name, it took on a more poignant overtone.

Caught You


FOUND by Caroline in Chicago, Illinois

I found this while shelving Teen books at the library where I work. The fluorescent yellow caught my eye as it was sticking out of a copy of Dramarama by E. Lockhart. It particularly made me chuckle because I imagine the first writer trying to use “Bookworm!” as an insult only to receive this comeback, which I think would pretty effectively shut him or her down. Don’t mess with us bookworms!