Caught You

I found this while shelving Teen books at the library where I work. The fluorescent yellow caught my eye as it was sticking out of a copy of Dramarama by E. Lockhart. It particularly made me chuckle because I imagine the first writer trying to use “Bookworm!” as an insult only to receive this comeback, … Continued

We Don’t Agree with Everything This Book Says

Our 10-year-old is becoming a little man so to help explain all the changes, we got some books out of the library. In this one book about puberty, he found these notes from a previous borrower, each sticky note placed at a page with the corresponding information. I wonder if Dad agreed with Mom. And … Continued

With Vigor

I bar tend at a restaurant and worked a private party for an OB/GYN group. They left these notes behind on a table. Some of them I can’t understand or make out. My favorite note by far is “Masturbating vigorously on the basement floor.”


Walking home from the Twin Shadow After Party, I found this on the street between two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.