Ticket: $100

I found this note on a trail in a wildlife sanctuary about a mile from the nearest traffic light.

Sardine Parking Job

I manage to live without a car, which is probably a good idea in this city. I found this note on the sidewalk after getting off the subway.

Young Entrepreneur

This was found outside an Irish pub in downtown Boston while I was having a cigarette in the cold. (Damned law!) A “Toy Car Wash” … unique fundraiser, or the habit of early onset OCD? What say you?

What If

Found this in the parking lot of the Double Tree Hotel. I live there as a student.

Beware The Flip

I left my bike locked to a parking meter overnight, and this note was stuck to it when I came down in the morning. Perhaps left by Concerned Citizens Against Quick-Release Wheels? I bet it’s whoever drives the Herbalife van I parked next to.