In This Land of Sun and Fun

This item was stuck inside a children’s book which was mixed in with other books donated to us at the Prison Book Project (a non-profit cooperative that mails donated books to inmates in the US). I presumed it was something brought home from summer camp & was made useful as a bookmark.

Street Scene

I found this photograph in an alley behind a store where I used to work. I can’t tell where the photo was taken, or why there’d be a tank in the street…

Drive Me to Class

I saw this taped to a lamppost one day, and grabbed it after a couple of weeks. I completely sympathize as my wife’s bike- and later her bike seat- were stolen around there the year before.


Found crumpled on the floor of the #75 bus.

Previous Convictions

I found this about a year ago while in line at the post office. I keep it stuck to the edge of my computer monitor at work (mixed in with all the other “to do” notes). Nobody has ever mentioned it.

Double Double

While taking a side street to Brattle Square, I found this little Polaroid gem. Being obsessed with Polaroids myself, I immediately recognized the white boarder that was gleaming, and it was instantly noticeable on the gray ground. I love that this one’s a sort of double exposure: the girl appears twice on the film but … Continued

The Motown Man

The Motown Man is a guy who walks around downtown Amherst with a bucket, sometimes a sequin jumpsuit and cape, singing lines from Motown songs. I found this on the bulletin board at my job.