After the Computers

This note was found next to one of the public internet computers at the Taunton Public Library. The patron that was using the computer around the time the note was found was known to have some anger issues, and he just happened to be accompanied by a female friend of his.


Sweet note from Mommy. Found near Stony Brook Station, Orange Line, Jamaica Plain, MA


Found in a stack of old photos.


I found this on a sidewalk while walking to school. I pictured my own life flying by until I became the person who was writing this note.


I found this index card in a puddle on my way back from class one day.

Re: Torrid Love Affair

Found this in a used book purchased while on vacation in Massachusetts.

Complimentary Paper Bag

I was walking to work and walked over an empty brown paper bag with multicolored writing on the visible side. I paused to read it without bothering to pick it up, and continued on my way. After walking a few blocks I couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet thoughts written on the bag (and wondering … Continued

A Potion

I opened my chemistry textbook last September and out fell this note card. Maybe someone had just sniffed a whole bunch of chemicals, but it certainly looked like they had some crazy plans.