Chef Cool Boy

I found this doodle littering a Boston red line subway train. I only hope that this guy actually exists somewhere.

Can You Believe

I was walking to work on a rainy day and found this, soaking wet and covered in dirt on the side of the road. Obviously this five year old has the best handwriting ever.

Inappropriate Grandma

A co-worker found this in his driveway one Sunday morning. I kept it because it’s so damned funny and disturbing. The simple call of “flaps” got us through several horrendous days.


I found this in a library book, drawn on a Post-it note.

A Great Tornado

Found on my way to class at UMass Amherst.

Dotted with Hearts

I found this note on the floor in New Bedford High School– I was walking to class, saw it folded up on the ground, and picked it up. The irony of the dotted-heart i’s and the depressed tone of the note make it very surreal to me.

The Tattler

Found at the town dump tucked inside a mostly unused box of stationery. Way to go Marilyn!

Feed Cats

I found this in a station wagon I bought. I think the previous owner has a young daughter. She seems quite organized.

Driver’s Ed

Found at Transfer Station on the ground.

Unwanted Sounds

I found this crumpled on the floor of my therapist’s waiting room.