Found crumpled on the floor of the #75 bus.

Previous Convictions

I found this about a year ago while in line at the post office. I keep it stuck to the edge of my computer monitor at work (mixed in with all the other “to do” notes). Nobody has ever mentioned it.

Double Double

While taking a side street to Brattle Square, I found this little Polaroid gem. Being obsessed with Polaroids myself, I immediately recognized the white boarder that was gleaming, and it was instantly noticeable on the gray ground. I love that this one’s a sort of double exposure: the girl appears twice on the film but … Continued

The Motown Man

The Motown Man is a guy who walks around downtown Amherst with a bucket, sometimes a sequin jumpsuit and cape, singing lines from Motown songs. I found this on the bulletin board at my job.


I found this on the back of a flyer we have at our bookstore that explained our renovations. Apparently the person did not plan ahead for any empty boxes.

Identity Crisis

I found this in the street one night when I was walking to Salem, MA from Beverly, MA.

If Your Name is Mentioned

Found this while walking back to my house in Somerville. The paper lay flat, as if someone had left it on the sidewalk to be found by a member of the house. It may have been placed under a windshield wiper but the paper wasn’t crumpled in any way. It may have fallen out of … Continued

It’s a Really Good Reason

I work in a library and get a lot of nice finds, most of them 3D. This came in a few months ago with a stack of books– it’s been on the bulletin board above my desk ever since. It’s cute.

Ticket: $100

I found this note on a trail in a wildlife sanctuary about a mile from the nearest traffic light.

Sardine Parking Job

I manage to live without a car, which is probably a good idea in this city. I found this note on the sidewalk after getting off the subway.