I’s With Hearts

My wife and I found this letter when we went sledding several days ago. It was packed under some ice and snow, hence the water damage. We were very eager to send it in to you in hopes of you sharing it with the other readers of Found. -Xavier & Suzanne

I’m in Love with You

Found on the bus. Kinda heartbreaking, ‘cuz it’s just thrown away, you now… Hope they’re ok. “Do you wanna read this, do you really wanna know what I am thinking about when I’m like you said ‘absent’? Maybe everything’s going to be wrong and 13 years of true friendship gonna be destroyed by too much … Continued

For My Special Man

I found this note folded into a novel I bought new from amazon.com. The novel is Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood, not the type of read you’d associate with an apologetic lover. Or “peeny.”