Married at the Mega Mall

FOUND by Simone Sands in Florida
I am a real estate agent and I was showing a house. This was folded up in the middle of an empty room on the floor. I have pretty much showed it all around Pensacola. One of my friends said I should make it into a poster. Another friend said he wants and make it into a song. Another friend said she was going to write it to her boyfriend in her own writing. Enjoy!

Deep Purple

FOUND by Scott Williamson; Lansdale, PA
This letter was stuck inside a beat-up copy of Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer” – the one with the pegasus jumping over a rainbow on the cover. It’s the kind of album you’d expect a girl who dots the “I” in her name with a heart would own. I like how Erika leaves her real point of the letter at the very, very end. She’s probably in her 30s by now, right? Wonder how many babies she’s been given?