Seafood Specials

Found on a ledge at a Family Dollar store on St. Claude and Louisa.

Ronnie, Dear

During a night of drinking at the pub, one of my friends found this.

Another Love Note

I found this romantic(?) “love note” on the sidewalk outside of a bar. It’s been hanging on my refrigerator for almost a year now.

Had Enough

I found this in the parking lot outside the restaurant where I work.

What I Think of Your Cheek

I was crossing the railroad tracks to get to the bike path along the levee when I found this note between the tracks. I didn’t see any parking spaces nearby. Must have blown a ways.

Lost Our Minds

I found this picture as I stumbled from the R Bar one Saturday night. Although the picture was covered in snails and pollen I knew it was worth saving. It wasn’t until I flipped the picture over to read the note that I realized it was really worth sharing.


Found this by the bike rack at the gym.


Found tied to a telephone pole with twine in the French Quarter.

Do You Enjoy Your Rights?

Found in the ‘Nonfiction’ section of the local Barnes and Noble. The only person around was an elderly man, flipping through the pages of a novel.