Teen Fan of Salinger Blasts Biographer

This note was found in a high school library book “In Search of Salinger,” which is a biography of the late author. Salinger filed a lawsuit against the author Ian Hamilton, and the student who wrote this note seems to agree with Salinger about the quality of the book.

One Down

I found this list on a sidewalk on the north side of Chicago. I love that the titles at first seem incongruous, but there’s a definite pattern that emerges. The pattern becomes clearer when you turn it over to find a few more classics listed, including “Hamlet,” “Walden,” “The Great Gatsby” and “The Catcher in … Continued

Touch You

The book this was FOUND in looked like it hadn’t been read; sad to think Matt didn’t reach Colin the way he had hoped to.

Old Man’s Valentine

This letter was in a book I found at a Spokane, Washington, used book store. It was never sent, apparently, as the 2-cent stamp was not cancelled. Because it was in such pristine condition, I was surprised to see how old it was. Sweet!

Imperfect Enjoyment

All fans of great literature will already know the incredible work of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, but sometimes his work can be so cryptic as to be opaque. Luckily, the previous owner of this used book was kind enough to add her marginalia to increase understanding.

Catalog Cats

These are from a little girl’s creative writing notebook. Close enough, right? I think #9 might be my favorite. “It tastes like a whole night of lemons.”