Hitting the Books

This printout left behind from a patron at the Bloomingdale Branch of the NY Public Library tells such a fantastic story. Number 8 is the final whammy.

I Type Statement

We found this in a parking lot near the group picnic sights and thought it was fitting that there were signs up announcing that the group that was there was for a family reunion.

6 Questions

Found this blowing in the wind in my backyard from the alley. Maybe a quiz for this little girl’s step-sibling?

That Gas Smell

Poor Stanley. Always being “dealt with.”

Mae Mae

Get Mae Mae cute outfit also 🙂

Dunut Recipe

Looks like the start to a good plan.

2 Do List

Found in the hallway of my sister’s very professional workplace.

The Screaming Chicken

I was stacking up my kids’ library books to return when this list fell out of my daughter’s copy of “Junie B. Jones: First Grader.”